The main task is to analyze the modern specifics of spiritual development, the degree of awareness in understanding of the main elements of the value context of the religious worldview in the world community. To identify the universal grain of spiritual knowledge on the basis of common primordial spiritual grains of world religions, movements, and trends as well as the patterns of the work of consciousness, its tessellated and ambivalent character (dual, containing contradictions), peculiarities of obscurantism (of "darkening", obscurantism, enmity) of consciousness, the preferential algorithms of reactions to the introduction by it of specific changes associated with doctrinal principles in various religions; possibilities and options in levelling manifestations of the spiritual and moral crisis under globalization conditions. To show the specifics of the spirit of unity and the contradictions of consciousness in the spiritual heritage of human civilization. To find the common social and spiritual moral factors of the consolidation of the world community at the present stage.

Directions of research:

1. What is the common grain of the spiritual knowledge of all religions, which has a direct relationship to the spiritual development of a person, and not to ceremonial ritualism?

1.1. What common spiritual grains do religions have?

2. How to separate the true grain of knowledge from the chaff, introduced by the destructive consciousness?

2.1. How consciousness distorts spiritual knowledge to the satisfaction of its own material desires, the thirst for magic, self-interest and love of power.

2.2. What changes did the consciousness, perverted by egoism, introduce into sources of spiritual knowledge of different religions?

2.3. How does the destructive consciousness divide and fragment the single whole spiritual grain of knowledge? Examples and proof.

3. Spiritual maturity and the ways of unity, of consolidation of people on the basis of common grains of the spiritual heritage of human civilization.

The main principles of the ALLATRA IPM volunteers' research are objectivity, impartiality, independence from the influence of political and religious factors.

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