О защите деловой репутации Международного общественного движения «АЛЛАТРА».

По решению Соломенского районного суда г. Киев по делу №760/9094/16-ц о защите деловой репутации, признания информации недостоверной и её опровержении в эфире телеканала «Эспресо» 27 октября 2017 года состоялась трансляция фильма о масштабной деятельности Международного общественного движения «АЛЛАТРА».

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It is an association of active, honest and friendly people who aspire to use their best qualities for the benefit of society. We are outside of politics and outside of religion.

Our motto is “Good in Action!”

As of today, thanks to ALLATRA International Public Movement, hundreds of thousands of people have already united across the globe. The number of participants is growing exponentially every day because there are indeed many good, kind and creatively active people striving to change the world for the better.

Countries and territories in which our Participants live:

AllatRa movement

Our Goals and Objectives:

As a priority, we are committed to uniting all the nations in friendship on the basis of cultural and moral as well as spiritual values, which draw people together around the world. We strongly support the implementation of natural human freedoms and rights, the formation of entirely new level of relations between nations based on good, unselfish mutual help, and creative cooperation between different people across the planet, regardless of their place of residence, social, national, political or religious affiliation.


ALLATRA International Public Movement
Our Participants are people of Honour, Dignity and Conscience
Good in Action Projects
Web portals:
  • Crowdfunding in Conscience. A platform for implementing commercial, scientific and social projects. allatra.in;
  • AllatRa Crowdsourcing. Bringing people together for joint projects;
  • AllatRa Social Network;
  • Mutual Help portal;
  • AllatRa Online library.
  • AllatRa International Recording Studio;
  • AllatRa Center of the Graphic Information Design;
  • International Studio of Social Advertising of Goodness;
  • Lagoda International Youth Theatre;
  • AllatRa Arts and Creativity Center;
  • AllatRa Bookcrossing;
  • AllatRa Tourism.
International social and cultural activities of the new format
  • The Goodness International Festival (Kiev, Kirovograd, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad);
  • Activities for discussing social projects;
  • International Festival of Social Videos of Goodness;
  • Agape International Photo Exhibition;
  • Future Kiev international project;
  • International Book Exhibition of Goodness;
  • Сreative workshops of Goodness.
Agapit of Pechersk. For Unity and Friendship! International Project
    International Photo Exhibition
    Agapit of Pechersk. For Unity and Friendship!
    • Ukraine;
    • Russia;
    • Belarus;
    • Moldova;
    • Czech Republic;
    • Slovakia;
    • Germany;
    • France;
    • Japan;
    • Italy;
    • Australia;
    • Macedonia.
    Photo Contests:
    • Agape International Photo Contest.
Web Portals:
  • Agapit of Pechersk, agapit.kiev.ua;
  • Agapit of Pechersk. For Unity and Friendship! International Portal, agapit.net.
“Shaping a Creative Global Community” Project:
  • "All Together for Good and Unity!” Worldwide Online Campaign;
  • “AllatRa Unites” International Social Action.
International Medical Holding, based on the
ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement:
  • medical scientific research institutes;
  • companies manufacturing medical and laboratory equipment;
  • clinics and health centers;
  • medical laboratories.
International Pharmaceutical Holding, based on the
ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement:
  • international pharmaceutical companies and a network of pharmacies;
International Medical Associations:
  • AllatRa International Association of Physicians;
  • AllatRa International Association of Pharmacists.
ALLATRA SCIENCE, allatra-science.org
    1. Fields:
    • Anthropology;
    • Biology;
    • Anatomy;
    • Genetics;
    • Psychophysiology;
    • Ethnography;
    • Archaeology;
    • Social geography;
    • Linguistics;
    • Philosophy;
    • History;
    • Sociology;
    • Culturology;
    2. High technologies:
  • Nanophysics;
  • New materials and technologies;
  • Information and communication technologies;
  • Astrophysics;
  • Alternative energy sources;
  • Biotechnologies;
    3. Solving environmental and social problems:
  • The latest technologies of sustenance of mankind (solving the problem of lack of drinking water and food);
  • Scientific methods of solving environmental problems;
  • Minimizing the impact of global climate change on Earth;
  • Innovative ways to prolong human life.
Information Centre of the ALLATRA International Public Movement
  • Department for questions and suggestions on the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement;
  • Department of Strategic Planning;
  • Department of Interaction with the Media;
  • Department of Public Relations;
  • Service of the Information Support of the ALLATRA International Public Movement;
  • Department of Photojournalism.
Web portals:
Creative Groups:
  • AllatRa TV Kiev;
  • AllatRa TV Kirovograd;
  • AllatRa TV Pavlograd;
  • AllatRa TV Prague;
  • AllatRa TV Moscow;
  • AllatRa TV Ufa.
  • The Two in Private. Program for those who want to know and discover themselves and give a new quality to their spiritual, scientific and cultural self-development;
  • InMeaning. A humorous look at the serious stuff...
  • Good news News and events from all around the world in the creative line;
  • Good in Your Town. How you can collectively do good deeds in your home town;
  • Good in Action. Program that raises the issues of kindness, consciousness, and humanity and highlights examples of the best human action;
  • AllatRa unites. The aim of the program is to cover the common basis of the spiritual and moral development of humanity;
  • Golden Millienium. The program is aimed at shaping a creative global community based on the principles of spirituality, culture and morality.
ALLATRA TV Volunteer Academy:
  • Faculty of Directing and Screenwriting;
  • Faculty of Cinematography;
  • Acting Faculty;
  • Faculty of Sound Production.
  • AllatRa Publishing allatra.com.ua;
  • Ibis Publishing (Prague) ibisbooks.cz;
  • Lotus Publishing House lotosbook.com;
  • Sensei Publishing House sensei.kiev.ua.
    Print media:
  • AllatRa. Good in Action Newspaper;
  • The Polahoda Newspaper (Prague), polahoda.cz;
  • Panteleimon Tselitel (Panteleimon the Healer) newspaper, panteleymon.com;
  • Sensei Newspaper, sensei.kiev.ua;
  • A Regular column in The Vancouver Express newspaper (Canada) vancouverexpress.ca;
  • К.Е.К.S. newspaper (Russia);
  • Umnoye Khozyaistvo (Clever Agriculture) newspaper (Ukraine);
  • New Generation newspaper (Ukraine);
  • Kaleidoscope newspaper (Ukraine);
  • Samozdrav newspaper (Ukraine).
  • Good in Your Town;
  • AllatRa Audiobook;
  • Good News;
  • Wise Parables;
  • AllatRa Unites;
  • The Two in Private;
  • Good in Action;
  • Books of Goodness Radio Club;
  • Good Music.