For Supporters

We are not funded by any political organizations or government institutions. ALLATRA International Public Movement is built solely on the voluntary basis and its ASSETS are UNSELFISH, HONEST and CARING PEOPLE.

ALLATRA International Public Movement is truly an all people's movement in which any activity is voluntary, without remuneration. The main activities are carried out through the VOLUNTARY INITIATIVE of people themselves, their desire to change themselves and the world for the better. This is a power that really unites people across the planet.

ALLATRA is a global, worldwide movement, which has been joined by millions of participants from more than 180 countries around the world. Its primary goal is to study and explore the topic of global climate change on Earth, which includes: disseminating the actual climate agenda, analyzing the impact of anthropogenic factors on Earth's climate, seismic monitoring, monitoring of solar and volcanic activity, creating conditions for international collective interaction of all those concerned about this problem, including through the organization of international online roundtables, interviews with scientists and experts in various fields of science, creating video reports with eyewitnesses of natural disasters, and much more.

We do not promise, we do!

We do not solve the problems of consequences; we direct our actions to eliminate the CAUSES.

We do not live in the illusion that someone will come and do things for us; we do real deeds on our own, changing ourselves and the society here and now!

We actively support the development of modern science and the implementation of existing scientific developments that can contribute to solving global climate problems.

We unite all people with good and positive actions!

We strive for society to become democratic and creative, not totalitarian and not consumerist.

We advocate for the peaceful and secure existence of all peoples in the world!

We recognize that global positive changes and profound transformation for the better in the global society begin with each person who is not indifferent!

The climate issue is a common problem for all of humanity, so your contribution to the collective effort through informing others, participating in the creation of blogger videos and informational projects aimed at raising awareness of the current climate situation on the planet, will be the best support and invaluable assistance.

Each participant initiates and implements ideas: someone analyzes data from climate monitoring resources, someone interacts with scientific and socially active communities, someone explores historical facts to establish connections with modern climate models and gathers evidence for informational videos. Each of us maximizes our efforts, abilities, and aspiration to be useful to the common cause, applying our best qualities for the benefit of world society and the future of all humanity.

That is why all of us together are a real worldwide
people's creative power!