For Supporters

We are not funded by any political organizations or government institutions. All the sponsorship and the charitable support is carried out by people themselves, the people of Good will for whom Conscience and Soul are not mere words but criteria of their Lives. All the funding goes to specific cases as well as helping people and not to the structure and promotion of the movement itself, like it is usually done in organizations of the consumer society. ALLATRA International Public Movement is built solely on the voluntary basis and its ASSETS are UNSELFISH, HONEST and CARING PEOPLE.

ALLATRA International Public Movement is truly an all people's movement in which any activity is voluntary, without remuneration. The main activities are carried out through the VOLUNTARY INITIATIVE of people themselves, their desire to change themselves and the world for the better. This is a power that really unites people across the planet.

ALLATRA is a global, worldwide movement, which has been joined by millions of participants from more than 180 countries of the world. Its first priority is to create conditions on the planet that foster a spiritually rich, peaceful, cultural, moral, and creative global society.

We do not promise, we do!

We do not solve the problems of consequences; we direct our actions to eliminate the CAUSES.

We do not live in the illusion that someone will come and do things for us; we do real deeds on our own, changing ourselves and the society here and now!

We do not raise astronomical sums for the treatment of one child, but we help hospitals to buy equipment and train doctors, thanks to which many children in need of such treatment can be cured.

We do not strive to feed the hungry on a one-off basis, but we strive to create conditions so that the problem of hunger was absent in the modern society for all people.

We do not support the ideas of artificial, forced depopulation in the areas that do not have enough fresh water for everyone. But we actively support the development of modern science and implementation of existing scientific developments that can provide the people in need with fresh water once and for all.

We do not destroy or break up the society with negative information; we unite all people with good and positive actions!

We do not provoke war. We aim to create conditions for peaceful coexistence of all the peoples on the planet!

We strive to ensure that the society becomes creative and not consumer oriented!

We recognize that global positive changes and profound transformation for the better in the global society begin with each person who is not indifferent!

If you have a sense of Honour, personal Responsibility and Dignity, if you are not indifferent to the injustice and the deception of the consumer society, if you feel the inner need to genuinely help people not in words but in deed, join the free and independent functioning of the community-minded ALLATRA International Public Movement! Our General Manager is Conscience!

Each of us initiates and implements ideas, makes his or her own contribution to the common cause: someone makes financial donations, provides sponsorship or charity support while others provide intellectual or physical support. But each of us puts maximum efforts, abilities, and the desire to be useful to the common cause, using their best qualities for the prosperity of the creative global community.

That is why all of us together are a real worldwide
people's creative power!

ALLATRA is an all people's movement. All the funds, including sponsorship and charitable assistance, are directed solely on real, concrete activities. Everything is done in an honest and transparent way. All the activity is initiated, controlled and implemented by people themselves.