ALLATRA TV Content Incited Russia's RUMBLE Ban: A Fight for Free Speech

4 June 2024
ALLATRA TV Content Incited Russia's RUMBLE Ban: A Fight for Free Speech


On June 4, 2024, The Federalist published an article titled "Exclusive: Rumble Barred In Russia Over Platform’s Refusal Of Kremlin Censorship." The report reveals that since March 2024, Rumble, a video hosting site with more than 36 million users, has been banned throughout the Russian Federation. As it was revealed, drastic measures taken by Russia followed Rumble's refusal to comply with government demands to ban the ALLATRA TV channel, highlighting a contentious clash between digital free speech and authoritarian control.

Rumble assessed the ALLATRA TV channel for violations of its platform guidelines and concluded that independent censorship was not justified.

“The Russian government demanded that Rumble remove content that didn’t violate our terms of service,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski told The Federalist, referring to the ALLATRA TV channel, which Russia sought to ban because its “activities are deemed undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

“The Russian request was a direct assault on the universal human right to free expression, so we refused, and they turned off access to Rumble inside Russia.”

One question remains unclear and concerns many Americans, who deeply value freedom of speech: What was on ALLATRA TV that made the Russian government block an entire video platform with millions of users?

ALLATRA TV produces various content on Rumble, ranging from entertaining and popular science videos to podcasts on climate change, society, and human rights. Intriguingly, the Allatra TV Rumble channel boasts only about 500 subscribers. Yet, it has become the flashpoint for the Kremlin's decision to block an entire video hosting platform in the world's largest country. Why?

Nestled among the diverse programs on ALLATRA TV, one piece of content has particularly caught the eye of discerning viewers. At the heart of this controversy lies a video titled "Undeclared War: America is Under Attack," prominently featured on ALLATRA TV's channel. Released on April 12, 2024, this statement by American intelligence educator and national security expert Egon Cholakian has garnered significant attention from European and American publications. The video can be traced back to Egon Cholakian’s official platform as its original source:

Dr. Egon Cholakian

According to the Daily Caller Dr. Cholakian's statement highlights a certain force that is intentionally spreading disinformation in democratic countries to advance its own undemocratic interests. It becomes evident that this disinformation campaign is not just about planting false ideas in people’s minds; it aims to manipulate people’s behavior, undermine people’s motivation, and ultimately threaten the very foundations of human rights and freedoms. The identity and intentions of this adversarial force become clearer after watching the entire video report.

Undeclared War. America Is Under Attack

It has become increasingly apparent that this information has instilled a sense of unease among the enigmatic forces pulling the strings behind the Russian government and whose primary objective is to quash democratic ideals worldwide. While the video emerged subsequent to Rumble's ban, it is possible that the entities guiding the Russian authorities had foreknowledge of its scheduled release.

As the struggle for freedom of speech and human rights marches on, one thing remains clear: web surfers are steadfast in their belief that Dr. Cholakian's video statement is a vital piece of content that should be viewed by anyone who cherishes democratic values. While Rumble stands as a beacon of free expression, offering a platform devoid of censorship where users can share their thoughts and opinions without fear, other platforms may not fare as well under the weight of pressure from entities looking to suppress democratic movements, possibly leading to the removal of this pivotal video that reveals unique insights from a 30-year investigation.

Mr. Chris Pavlovski, the chief executive of Rumble, has taken a principled stand that deserves commendation. His unwavering commitment to democratic ideals, even at the cost of forsaking millions of views and users, by refusing to silence a channel with a mere 500 subscribers, exemplifies the noblest virtues of a free society. It is individuals and platforms like Mr. Pavlovski and Rumble that form the bedrock of democracy, placing the sanctity of open discourse above personal or commercial interests. Such acts of moral courage serve as a bulwark against the erosion of fundamental freedoms and remind us of the enduring value of upholding democratic values.

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