How to Recognize Media Disinformation? Intelligence Educator Egon Cholakian Explains

30 April 2024
How to Recognize Media Disinformation? Intelligence Educator Egon Cholakian Explains

In the digital age, where information zips across the globe in the blink of an eye, we have finally acknowledged that we live in the era of information. Now is the time to acknowledge the next step — we live in the era of DISinformation, and we must figure out how to deal with it.

Today’s news, articles, and videos are produced quickly and consumed instantly. The moment new information comes out, it is gobbled up by the masses in seconds. According to research done recently, in the present day we take in as much data within 24 hours as our early 15th-century ancestors did throughout a whole lifetime. This being so, there are certain things we should take into consideration; most of us are occupied with jobs, housework, and family duties hence finding time to verify the accuracy of what we hear or read becomes hard – true or false; right or wrong – we often rely on the media to make this decision for us.

Consequently, our minds often become prejudiced against certain subjects, people, organizations, events, and opinions simply because our attitudes toward them have been deliberately shaped by ingested information—or, as it happens more and more often lately—DISINFORMATION.

It all started as a whisper, a slight fabrication of facts. But soon, this whisper grew into a roar, a force so powerful it could sway elections, topple governments, and divide societies. This is no ordinary foe; it is an adversary that thrives in our news outlets and tv screens. It aims to take control of our minds and often harms us more than we think.

Understanding how consuming disinformation can harm you, how to shield yourself from this harm, and — how to separate the wheat from the chaff regarding the truthfulness of information, are crucial skills. All these insights are brought up in a new compelling and eye-opening analytical video report released by Dr. Egon Cholakian on the ESSC platform.

Intelligence educator and national security expert Egon Cholakian boasts a notable background as a federal lobbyist, registered foreign representative, and member of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Throughout his tenure, Dr. Cholakian has collaborated with four U.S. Presidents, including his participation in Reagan’s Kitchen Cabinet, three National Security Advisors, and a Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Dr. Cholakian was entrusted with the team to unveil the findings of their extensive 30-year investigation, which also touched upon the subject of disinformation shaping contemporary American society. In his long in-depth video, he presents numerous examples of how disinformation is deliberately crafted, how it penetrates our media, how it sways our perceptions, and what actions we can take to remain alert and prevent it from taking root in our minds and negatively affecting us.

Let’s examine Egon Cholakian’s professional explanation and clarify two key questions: how consuming disinformation may harm you and how to identify defamation and disinformation in articles.

How Consuming Disinformation May Harm You

Firstly, Egon Cholakian elucidates why ingesting disinformation is harmful to you. Absorbing incorrect information can make you feel doubtful and sad about yourself, your loved ones, or even your homeland. Alternatively, it could implant hostile images and attitudes in your mind.

For instance, a 2023 Bankrate analysis found that about 6 in 10 survey respondents believe the U.S. economy is in a recession — despite strong quarterly economic growth and a booming job market. Similarly, a Financial Times investigation revealed that many Americans, a substantial segment of Americans, misconstrue essential economic data; for instance, 90% of respondents incorrectly claimed costs have gone up faster than earnings over the past year, but it was not so. The paper suggests Americans are also misinformed about other economic trends including real wages, wealth accumulation, and poverty rates.

Why does such a misconception occur? Because, as Egon Cholakian states, the tone of economic news has been sinking, which signifies an influx of more pessimistic narratives penetrating the news. Increasingly, disinformation surfaces, convincing Americans that “America is on the downturn” and “economic situations are getting worse”, you name it.

Consequently, people begin to buy into the idea that things are indeed going in the wrong direction. And what is the result? The critical loss of values and fundamental qualities our country has always embodied, as Egon Cholakian underscores the sad consequences of disinformation:

“We are witnessing a catastrophic decline in patriotism. Pride in our country has plummeted to historic lows, particularly among the younger generation. A significant percentage of Americans are losing faith in tomorrow, shying away from starting families, reluctant to have children, experiencing a decay in spiritual and moral values, and lacking the desire to participate in our society.”

When a nation’s spirit is low, there’s less drive to fulfill family and social responsibilities, contribute to society, or start new businesses. Depression, crime, and substance misuse increase. Disinformation affects our mindset first, and consequently our actions. Now, you understand, how indulging in disinformation can lead to a personal decline or the decline of a whole nation.

How to Identify Defamation and Disinformation in Articles

So now it is time to determine how disinformation can be identified so that you can equip yourself with the insight necessary to discern it. To aid in your comprehension, Egon Cholakian presents a vivid example. He examines a deliberate disinformation campaign targeting the ALLATRA International Public Movement, a volunteer organization committed to tackling climate change, headquartered in the US.

ALLATRA is a global network of volunteers active in over 180 countries. A meticulous review of its initiatives shows that it operates beyond political and religious boundaries, aiming to unite researchers and enthusiasts to jointly address the climate crisis and promote democratic principles.

As Dr. Cholakian clarifies, a deliberate smear campaign was launched against ALLATRA 10 years ago, initiated by Russian anti-cult groups often criticized for their terrorist-like methods of persecuting individuals and communities. If the organization’s headquarter Is located in the United States, one might wonder why the persecution began in Russia. A clear explanation to this matter exists. And the real reasons behind it go far beyond a simple defamation campaign, they tie back to America’s national security concerns, and Egon Cholakian elaborates on this in the video with much detail.

He outlines specific defamation tactics and strategies. This is the knowledge you should arm yourself with, because currently, more public figures, politicians, and parties tend to employ disinformation and defamation against their adversaries to ruin reputations deliberately. Media manipulative techniques are designed to bypass your critical thinking, and with this, you become a victim of false narratives and misinformation. To prevent this, here are five simple tips on how to discern if you are reading a defamatory article about a person or organization:

Major Characteristics of Defamatory Article

False Statements and Claims: The article contains factually incorrect claims, taken out of context, many disparaging labels and offensive words. For example, in the case of ALLATRA, those were words like “sect,” “cult,” etc., which don’t relate in any way to the organization’s activities.

Sensible topics are being raised: The author refers to topics that are sensible to the public and deliberately trail the image of an organization or a person to a well-known negative image of another person or organization.

Insinuation: The article insinuates ONLY negative attributes about the person or organization.

No Proof of Truth: The truth of the damaging statements is not provided.

Unverified Allegations: The article contains unverified allegations or accusations and is written in an obviously abusive tone.

What Force is Infiltrating American Media with Disinformation

Such defamatory articles violate a person’s right to a good name, reputation, and dignity, and the publisher intends to harm the person or entity being defamed. But most striking is that Egon Chokakian reveals why such disinformation is being used. It turns out that it is not used merely to ruin someone’s reputation but to sow hatred among the nation toward one another and target individuals.

Moreover, an investigation presented by Dr. Cholakian revealed, there is a certain force that is especially interested in ruining America from within. This force also stands behind the increasing disinformation in American media. What is this force, and why is it essential to be aware of it? 

In the comprehensive video report “Undeclared War. America is Under Attack” presented by Egon Cholakian, the real essence of these unseen forces shaping our minds is uncovered. It’s an essential watch for those who want to think for themselves, take control of their lives, and safeguard the future of their families and country. It’s a call to be aware and proactive about the information we consume and its impact on us.

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