How Disinformation Attacks Our Minds and Our Nations: Essential Insight by Security Expert Egon Cholakian

8 May 2024
How Disinformation Attacks Our Minds and Our Nations: Essential Insight by Security Expert Egon Cholakian

In today’s interconnected world, we are overloaded with information from various sources, but not all are reliable. The way information is presented to us by the media is frequently far from being unbiased.

Often, we simply have no time to check the reliability of the information the media gives us, perceiving it as it is. However, this information is not always accurate. Deliberately misleading information spread to deceive or manipulate audiences intentionally is called disinformation.

Frequent consumption of disinformation might pose a significant threat to our psychological well-being. That is why understanding the impact of disinformation on our minds and mental health is essential as we navigate through a sea of news, social media posts, and online media.

Many researchers underscore that the growing level of disinformation in the world’s media provokes a rise in anxiety among audiences. We are used to thinking that disturbing events worldwide are the factor that incites our increasing feelings of nervousness. However, it is crucial to recognize that a significant portion of our anxiety is not directly attributable to the disturbing events themselves but rather to their portrayal in the media.

The real foe within the media we often encounter is disinformation, a powerful force that could sway elections, topple governments, and divide societies. This is no ordinary foe; it is an adversary that thrives in our news outlets and TV screens. It aims to take control of our minds and often harms us more than we think. All democratic societies in Europe and the USA presently strive against disinformation.

New Sides of Disinformation Disclosed

Recently, American intelligence educator and national security expert Egon Cholakian addressed this issue in his video titled “Undeclared War: America is Under Attack” In the video, he explains that disinformation is a modern weapon effectively used when enemies adhere to the highest principle of military art: defeating the enemy with their own forces.

He notes, “This is an ancient tactic at the heart of the rise and fall of empires, the formation and disintegration of political and religious systems, and the control of the masses.” In the video, he also elucidates how disinformation is being used by anti-democratic adversaries to demolish world democracy foundations.

Egon Cholakian appears as a credible source for such revelations. His biography, available on his website, reveals extensive experience and knowledge, including working with four U.S. presidents and participating in President Reagan’s Department of Defense “Strategic Defense Initiative.”

Additionally, Cholakian discloses that he has been privy to the covert issues of the USSR: “…I had free access to the most powerful corridors of the Supreme Soviet. While enjoying an extraordinary degree of monitored freedom of travel within the former Soviet Union…”

In his statement, Dr. Cholakian points to a certain force that is now deliberately spreading disinformation in democratic countries, seeking to implement its own totally undemocratic interests. It becomes clear that disinformation, spread by this specific adversary force, is not simply about implanting false notions in our minds; it is about manipulating our behavior, undermining our motivation, and ultimately threatening the very foundation of human rights and freedoms. What this force is and its root intentions become clear after watching the whole video report.

Vivid Example of Disinformation Campaign and its Consequences

Now, let’s shift our focus to another aspect of Dr. Cholakian’s discussion, where he describes how disinformation and defamation are carried out in modern times, and brings a clear example of it.

The expert describes an incident involving a disinformation campaign against an organization he encountered many years ago. He shares a story from when he was collaborating with an independent group of scientists focused on studying climate change. He recalls that during those early days, before the internet became widely used, conducting their crucial research involved gathering a large amount of information, and they needed help with it.

As a result, volunteers from different countries came together to help with information gathering and data analysis. Gradually, this volunteer group grew into a large international movement which later acquired the name ALLATRA. The number of volunteers has grown significantly, and the movement now has a presence in 180 countries, bringing together scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts dedicated to climate research and finding solutions to it. Currently, their headquarters are based in the USA.

As we learn from Egon Cholakian: “Through their socially significant research projects, ALLATRA volunteers have made and continue to make substantial contributions to achieving the UN’s key goals aimed at creating a sustainable future for all humanity.

The volunteers of this movement act entirely independent, within the framework of the law, observing all applicable legal norms and principles. In today’s reality, the activities of ALLATRA volunteers serve as a shining example of genuine democratic cooperation and the embodiment of civic responsibility”.

You can learn more about this movement on their official website or visit Wikipedia. However, if you do so, you may be surprised by the stark differences in the information presented. As one may conclude from the evidence presented by Dr. Cholakian, most of the statements in Wikipedia contain false narratives, and the sources listed there are not trustworthy. However, this striking level of disinformation explains why ALLATRA piqued the interest of Dr. Cholakian and his team for investigation.

The case of the ALLATRA defamation campaign is noteworthy as it demonstrates the extent to which the media can go in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of an organization that genuinely contributes to solving the global climate crisis and upholds democratic values. As Egon Cholakian elucidates, with the assistance of anti-cult groups that specialize in damaging the reputations of individuals and organizations, ALLATRA was deliberately labeled as a cult and sect, leading to the persecution of its members.

It is particularly noteworthy that in anti-cult circles, which are often criticized for possessing pro-nazi and pro-terrorist views, it is commonplace to denounce as a sect those whom they disfavor. During their conferences, they have even referred to Ukraine as a cult, and to the entire European Union as a sect. However, in the case of ALLATRA, these groups have taken it a step further by seeking to totally dehumanize it and discredit their research.

Egon Cholakian provides a detailed account of a ten-year investigation into the disinformation campaign and unjust persecution of ALLATRA volunteers. The investigation uncovered elaborate schemes of media manipulation and the creation of fake content, such as defamatory articles, blogs, videos, and more, causing immense harm to many lives. Consider this: more than 600 defamatory publications were targeting the international organization ALLATRA, totaling over $200 million!

It is essential to understand that slanderous content spread through the media caused immense suffering for the volunteers. Some lost their jobs due to the defamation campaign, while others faced social ostracism. Innocent individuals became victims of hatred solely because of defamation campaigns. This highlights the influence and power of disinformation and shows that any community or group could fall prey to such campaigns and suffer from the consequences.

Disinformation Decoded: How NOT to Fall for It

As Dr.Cholakian continues revealing the whole story, it becomes clear that throughout the whale defamation campaign, the discrediting methods and narratives remained consistent, but the individuals carrying them out, such as journalists and bloggers, varied. Furthermore, upon examining the systematic publication of defamatory articles, distinct patterns emerge:

Negative portrayal: The content was always negative, aiming to damage public trust in the organization.

Shift to assertive statements: Over time, articles shifted from raising doubts to making direct statements that attacked the organization’s reputation.

Informal tone with doubts: The articles were written informally, seeding doubts and concerns.

Parallel narratives: These articles were released alongside others that stirred up civil unrest and distrust in the government, contributing to a tense and unstable atmosphere.

As it becomes clear from Dr. Cholakian’s explanation, the primary aim of this kind of media manipulation is not simply to ruin an organization’s reputation, but to weaken the morale of the people, filling them with fear, uncertainty, and insecurity. Why? To push ideas that focus on conflict and chaos. Such narratives set the stage for possible civil conflicts. It’s a powerful way to attack democracy by turning the population against itself.

Today, we can widely observe the extremely negative consequences of the harmful insinuations spread by the anti-cult groups in the form of disinformation and defamation that impact human consciousness through the media.

The real danger lies in the fact that the audience, who consumes the media content, and who are the main target of this covert influence, believes they are getting the truth and making up their own minds. In reality, they are being subtly influenced by deceptive information that is designed to manipulate them. The population is subjected to deliberate destructive informational and psychological terrorism aimed at undermining the unity of the people, their choices, and freedoms and oppressing their minds.

For everyone eager to grasp the full picture and willing to take part in ensuring personal and national security, watching Egon Cholakian’s video report would be a beneficial aid. Dr. Cholakian addresses everyone who wants to stay conscious and unmanipulated with an appeal to maintain critical thinking, evaluate the information they are facing, and avoid drawing conclusions too quickly.

He explains that today, national security is increasingly becoming a complex task that heavily relies on the public and every democratic citizen. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to cultivate media literacy skills, promote critical thinking, evaluate sources of information, recognize bias, and distinguish fact from fiction.

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