The structure of the elementary particles

One of the prominent physicists of our time, after having acquainted himself with the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS said: "This knowledge will take the modern physics out of sopor. This is a radical revision of the established concepts and contemplations. All the complexity of physics turns into a brilliant simplicity, when you realize that before that you were watching just a combination of doubled shadows and not the real essence of the process. "As people say, the truth is always simple.


Nature abounds with the diversity of its constituent particles. The knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS allows oneself to look behind the secrecy curtain of the structure of the material world, to learn about the origin of its primary interactions and processes. There is a chart known from ancient times that contains information about the quantitative composition of phantom Po particles in each particle which takes part in most common and significant processes in nature connect-ed with interaction of matter and its structure. It contains description of both the particles that we already know about (which were mentioned under other names and notations in ancient times) and particles which science does not know about yet. For example, a particle that is called "proton" in the modern world, consists of 12 Po (twelve phantom Po particles), "electron" consists of 13 Po (thirteen phantom Po particles), "neutron" consists of 33 (thirty-three phantom Po particles). The chart also includes the unique particles having a complex internal structure, unknown till today to the official science, consisting, for example, of 25Po, 39Po, 47Po, 60Po and also 72 Po. The knowledge of the quantitative structure of phantom Po particles, which constitute one or another elementary particle, opens great possibilities for the human civilization. For example, they allow to calculate with the absolute accuracy any reaction under all conditions of its process, to compute the formula of the composition of any matter, of any living and non-living object, and so on.


Taking into account that the present report is intended for the initial acquaintance of the participants from different countries of the International Public Movement "ALLATRA" with PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, we will present examples that are the most easily understood. In particular, we will familiarize the reader with the information that is unknown today to the official science – the unique phantom Po particle, that constitutes the basis of any force particle which forms the core of the force interaction ‒ Allat phantom particle. And as an example, we will provide a brief description of the structure of several already discovered and the most mysterious elementary particles (photon, neutrino, electron),which have allat phantom particle in their composition. We will provide simple examples of calculation of the number of phantom Po particles in the nuclei of atoms and verification of nuclear reaction formulas. Knowing the calculations scheme, it can be successfully replicated even by a schoolboy. Undoubtedly, there are other more complex calculations of the energy yield of nuclear reactions with the release or absorption of energy and so on. But they are of interest only to the narrow circle of specialists. Understanding the fundamentals, it is not difficult for any qualified expert to grasp the essence of this process by himself and understand much more than is set out publicly.


Today, a perception prevails that in ancient times "hunters and gatherers" lived who had, allegedly, primitive considerations about the material world and its structure. The "inconvenient" facts that do not fit into the "theory for the slaves of the system," about the existence of the previous civilizations that were far ahead of modern humanity in their development, are concealed. This hypothesis is embedded in the minds of most people as a worldview taken for granted so that they wouldn’t ask unwanted questions, wouldn’t think about the meaning of their existence, about their own spiritual transformation and the change of an entire civilization. Because the answers to these questions will eventually give an understanding of what kind society of “primitive stereotyped thinking” the present day generations live, at the level of needs of the animal nature system. That means that it will create a threat to the existing system of consumer society. But taking into account the fact that the current civilization is on the brink of collapse anyway, isn’t it high time people got beyond their stereotypes and made a common effort and save themselves and civilization?


There are a lot of artifacts that prove the fact that in ancient times before our current civilization there were more technologically advanced human civilizations, and with every year this collection of facts which are “unfavorable” for the system is being enlarged with new discoveries and findings from different corners of the world. For example, today we have an irrefutable tangible evidence proving that 140 million years ago there was a highly advanced civilization which had surpassed the present day civilization in technological development in many times. But will these facts change the fate of today’s system of consumer society? No, because everything will end up with a trite consumer curiosity of the “lower” classes and a desire of the “upper” classes to create a new type of instrument of power, intimidation and manipulation of the “lower” classes. Note that people will not become free of their own sufferings created and multiplied by the system. But everything will change if people start to wake up spiritually and change themselves and the surrounding world to the direction of spiritual and moral development of the society with the help of their deeds day by day. We have all the knowledge and opportunities for that!


The remainders of the previous scientific heritage of early advanced civilizations can be traced back even by the most famous pages of the recent past - the civilizations of ancient Egypt, Sumer, India, from which, as believed in the orthodox history, "the development of the contemporary human civilization has begun." It will suffice to study the question of numbers and calculations they used, tables, equipment and technologies they had. All this presupposes the knowledge of such sciences as algebra, geometry, astronomy, physics and chemistry. Greeks, who are considered to be an authority by modern science, directly mentioned in their works that they got much of the knowledge thanks to their trips to the East, namely, to Egypt. In this country, the ancient science of calculations was considered to be a perfect and thorough study of all objects, providing an understanding of their essence, contributing to the cognition of their secrets.

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