The report "PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS" was prepared by the international research group ALLATRA SCIENCE of ALLATRA International Public Movement under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. The report contains information on the origin and structure of elementary particles, basic building blocks which make up matter, interrelation of elementary particles and cosmology in relation to uniform field theory, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, alternative energy sources, etc. It shows importance, scale and timeliness of the latest knowledge in the field of fundamental and applied physics. It gives answers to the main unsolved questions of contemporary physics and relevant explanations.

Material is intended to familiarize the members of ALLATRA International Public Movement with the fundamental principles of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS.

Download PDF-version of the report via link 1 or  link 2.

The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSIC contains basic information about the elementary principles of physics of fundamental particles, regularities of their interaction. This is really an evolutionary break-through for the world science which is currently at the stage of researching the epochal discoveries which were made a century ago. This knowledge affects full spectrum of fundamental and interdisciplinary research in various areas of science: from microphysics to cosmology, and it reveals unique information about fundamental principles of neutrino physics, astrophysics of elementary particles.

What are the fundamental particles? What do elementary particles consist of? How to control them? Where does the visible matter appear from and where does it disappear? What are the laws of gravitational interaction based on? What does dark matter consist of? How to create a living and a non-living object? How to ensure self-sustainable living in extreme climatic conditions on Earth and in space? The answers to all of these and many other questions are given in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, which reveals fundamental principles of elementary particles and cosmology in general.

Thanks to the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, we can conduct any experiments with absolute accuracy, without guessing and predicting, while complaining about unaccounted for factors. In today’s world, vast resources are spent on the maintenance of different research laboratories where with the help of expensive equipment and materials scientists try to create certain conditions in order to, in fact, check their guesses, make observations, make assumptions and determine formulas… with errors. But change the conditions, and a lot of things will change. A simple example. Under normal conditions, distilled water behaves as a dielectric (substance which practically does not conduct electric current). However, during a solar eclipse, it behaves as an electrolyte (substance which conducts electric current). Conditions changed ‒ and we got a new result!

After studying the calculation tables indicating inaccuracies (Note: see further in the report), one may understand how many elementary errors are made in science during such observations, what the errors of results of expensive experimental research works are, and how easy it is to eliminate them when one knows the fundamentals of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS. Why do we need to build the Large Hadron Collider, if any student who knows fundamentals of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS can make absolutely accurate calculations of interaction between elementary particles under any conditions on his tablet? It would be much more humane to allocate these huge amounts of money, which are spent on expensive research, for the real help to people in need, considering how many people in the world today have to live below poverty level.

Thanks to the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, humanity can make an evolutionary change in science as physics is the basis of all natural sciences. The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS allows us to conduct qualitatively new research works and make discoveries in different scientific areas, make exact calculations practically without expenditures. Certainly, this evolutionary know ledge makes it possible to develop any scientific disciplines qualitatively and in a new way, to make breakthroughs in quantum physics, biophysics, chemical physics, geophysics, astrophysics and so on. Research works in these scientific areas based on the knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS have already brought tremendous results, including those in the sphere of studying of new technologies for production and obtaining inexhaustible energy.

The knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS gives access to an inexhaustible source of energy which is everywhere including outer space. It is renewable energy, thanks to which elementary particles are created, move and interact. The ability to get it and to transfer it from one state to another gives us a source of alternative energy: new, safe and available to each person. The potential of this never-ending source of energy is huge; it is much bigger and much more stable and safer than the potential of the Sun or geothermal energy. Moreover, using this source, we do not need any longer to accumulate excessive energy and transfer it to the consumer for further use. Because this energy is everywhere; it can become available to each person, under any conditions, here and now: both on Earth and in space.

Certainly, it will qualitatively change the life of human civilization in general. Nuclear power plants will disappear as unnecessary. Oil, gas and other known power sources will lose their relevance due to high labor intensity of production, storage, exhaustibility of these resources and their environmental hazard. The use of the inexhaustible source of energy will lead not only to reduction of emissions of harmful gases in the atmosphere, but to utilization of the whole production cycle thanks to qualitatively new opportunities of receiving necessary life-supporting ready-made products.

For humanity it opens up a possibility of absolutely new way of life in which such things as need, hunger will disappear and people will not need to work hard to make a living. People will have more free time. Consumer market will disappear as unnecessary, because each person will be able to make any thing on his own: food, clothes, house, car - for free and in any quantity required. In such conditions, it is possible for the civilization to make a qualitatively new transition to spiritual self-development, large-scale scientific study of the world and itself. But there is also a danger that such discoveries may be used for egoistical purposes. It is known that harm or benefit of any epochal discovery depends on the domination of one or another worldview of the majority: selfish (consumer) or spiritual and creative vector of thinking.

Everything in this world is made up of elementary particles. And when we know what elementary particles consist of and how to control it, we can create any living and non-living object, copy and clone it (including phenotypically and genetically identical organisms); in other words, to reproduce it in quality and quantity many times as needed. Already now, thanks to the knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, scientific research is being conducted in many directions, including in the field of the latest biotechnologies, which allow to recreate various live organisms, whether it be a small dipterous insect ‒ midge or a large animal. In the long term, it is possible to improve and even create absolutely new living organisms with preset characteristics and properties.

Certainly, this is one of the main directions of scientific and technical progress that will help to accelerate the process of solving many tasks; for example, in the field of food provisions, improvement of ecology, quality of medicine and health care. Under the influence of the newest biotechnology, based on the knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, medicine can become an exact science. Moreover, it will have a clear understanding of the processes happening in living organisms, not only at the level of molecular and genetic processes, but also at the level of interrelation of elementary particles. Already now, developments of scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement indicate that prolongation of human life beyond the limit of the species is an absolute reality as of today.

In the future, the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS is capable of solving the global problem of providing humanity not only with oxygen and other necessary chemical elements, but also with food, clean water, regardless of global climatic changes on Earth or another planet; mining, agricultural, industrial production, availability of water sources and so on. Creating from elementary particles of ready-made high-quality free food in necessary quantity, clear water, air and so on will make human life qualitatively better, will provide in full everything necessary for vital life function. Moreover, it will free people from hard work, from a whole chain of cycles of industrial production and related issues, will give a chance to preserve the environment, to restore and increase the wealth of flora and fauna.

We will not need to use huge land grounds, for example, to grow wheat, and then subject it to processing by passing it through a whole cycle of various technological processes in order to get a ready edible product. After all, it is possible to get from elementary particles the same tasty, healthy, real freshly-baked bread with any required characteristics and in any quantity. It is not necessary to grow, and then kill an animal in order to get any kind of a meat dish. Because everything is made up of elementary particles. If we know their combinations and laws of interaction, it is possible not only to make this product (with necessary quality and a set of useful properties), but also to copy it according to the same programme in necessary quantity. By using this knowledge, it is possible to dispose all waste without harm to nature.

The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS at its full, accelerated development, will allow people to solve, in a short time, a number of strategic vitally important problems for humanity, not only in the field of innovative power, life support, but also in the field of climatic geoengineering. Today, humanity has a real chance to survive in the conditions of global climatic change on the planet, which, unfortunately, is inevitable in the next decades. In the field of climate geoengineering, a number of successful research works have been conducted. New directions, which are based on the knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS have been developed. Already now it is possible to say that new developments in the field of climatic geoengineering open broad opportunities and prospects for further scientific activity in this direction. They allow to monitor climate; to determine, taking into account a multi-factor analysis, the course of further developments related to climate change; to find compensatory mechanisms of nature and to start the necessary local or general adaptive actions, directed to change climatic conditions Note: for more details see the report " On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems ", ).

It is known that absolutely all modern technologies are based on fundamental scientific research, and physics plays the leading role here. Scientists note with concern that over the last 50 years there have been no major discoveries in the world in the field of natural sciences. There are many reasons for that, but the main one lies in the intensive development of a consumer society. And it includes many things, beginning with the formation of egoistical worldview in the majority of people, changes in quality of education of modern generations for the worse and ending with balancing of many countries on the verge of economic and political collapse. And often, as a result of the latter, some states are engaged in banal political imitation of "prestige" or achievement of some kind of "progress", which do not correspond to reality. Undoubtedly, this situation affects such important for humanity field of science as space exploration as well.

Today the leading space countries, which until recently were pioneers of space, cannot even achieve such a great success that they made half of a century ago. Nowadays, the study of space, in most cases, is limited to unmanned flights in near space. And the majority of piloted flights are still made within the thermosphere (at the heights of no more than 400 km from the Earth surface, that is, in the space of low Earth orbit) because science has not yet found the means of protection against space radiation. Even problems of astronautics remain largely unsolved, beginning with fundamental research, technical questions, and ending with applied questions. Astronauts still need improvement of hygienic conditions, a solution of a number of elementary household problems during their stay at a space station. After all, engineers are still unable to create a washing machine and a practical enough shower for spaceships. In the conditions of zero gravity, liquid water also remains a problem, considering sensitivity of the electronic equipment and devices onboard a space station. People still cannot live self-sufficiently in space, as they constantly need to get from Earth fresh supply of food, water, air, spare parts for maintenance of their ship and so on.

The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS is capable of solving not just these problems. It is the knowledge that leads to evolutionary space breakthroughs, it is a huge potential to create new research and scientific directions. The knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS gives an essentially new understanding of answers to such questions as: "What to fly on?", "How far is it possible to fly?", "In what conditions to fly and how to create the artificial gravitation similar to terrestrial conditions onboard a spaceship?", "How to live selfsufficiently in space?", "How to protect ship from space radiation?". They also give an understanding of the essence of the Universe, which is a natural "laboratory" of elementary particles and which conducts "experiments" in conditions which are impossible on Earth.

The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS gives a deeper understanding of the origin and evolution of the Universe. It opens new milestones in the field of cosmology, quantum physics, space biology, gravitational biology and biotechnology, planetary science, physics of the heliosphere and the near Earth space environment, physics of space rays, extra-atmospheric astrophysics. This knowledge allows humanity to overcome ionizing radiation, UF-radiation, problems connected with vacuum and overcoming of meteoric danger, change of magnetic field; it opens opportunities for existence of humanity on other planets in other gravitational conditions and so on. And it is not a fantastic perspective of the far future. This is a real tomorrow, and in many ways already today. When you have universal keys (the knowledge of fundamentals of elementary particles) in your hands, you can open any door (in the microand a macrocosm).