We are outside of politics and outside of religion.

The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is the basis for practical implementation of the spiritual and creative society model by means of establishing an entirely new format of relationships between people in the labour field of society. It is based on the universal human spiritual and moral 7 ALLATRA Foundations.

Implementation of the given model of society is being accomplished by Partners of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement who are socially active respectable heads of the leading companies, enterprises and other organizations from all over the world in all areas of work and who have voluntarily taken on the noble responsibility for implementing the universally acknowledged 7 ALLATRA Foundations in their sound business practice.

Partners of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement are individuals or legal entities who are heads of commercial or non-profit organizations. They are agents of change and strong Personalities, on whom both the financial well-being and the spiritual and moral development of their subordinates depend. The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement lies outside of politics and religion. We are pleased to welcome in our ranks the best of the best leaders who have taken the responsibility for the fate of society and who are willing to be an example of honesty, integrity, social responsibility, moral and social virtues. Leaders who want to be at the forefront of implementing the global all people's initiative, who aspire to develop the high standards of human relationships in the modern society and who are ready to adapt their activities and development strategy to the universal human spiritual values of the 7 ALLATRA Foundations.

Fulfilling your inner spiritual duty to yourself without any selfish motives, defilement by greed or worldly lusts provides internal support, peace, and serenity, multiplying the results.

The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is an all people's public initiative, which is unique in the history of mankind. It is aimed at overcoming the spiritual and moral crisis, which lies at the root of all the global economic, political, religious and social problems of modern humanity. Time has shown that the society the value model of which is aimed at consumption and destruction is, as a result, approaching self-destruction. Research and scientific papers in the field of sociology, economics and other fields indicate that the solution to the global crisis and the survival of the civilization is possible only if the society creates a fundamentally new direction of its development based on the eternal and universal human truths that contribute to the strengthening of such values as Humaneness, Justice, Solidarity, and Integrity.

The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement, which is based on the 7 ALLATRA Foundations, is intended to promote the development and consolidation of a new spiritual and creative model of human society based on natural cultural and spiritual values. Such a model is able to prevent undesirable events for the modern civilization and strengthen humanity in the cultural and moral development as well as in the development of the spiritual potential.

Put the aspiration to your inner spiritual riches in the first place instead of selfish motives, worldly attachments and fear. You will then attain balance of your being and the perfect attitude to life.

As of today, hundreds of thousands of conscientious and socially active representatives of various areas of labour and industries in more than 200 countries and territories have supported the public initiative of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement and the 7 ALLATRA Foundations.

The primary objectives of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement are to:

- actively implement the 7 ALLATRA Foundations into the life of the world community and assert with them the prevalence of spiritual and moral priorities in the human activities and the way of thinking;

- create conditions for uniting the peoples of the world on the basis of spirituality, friendship, solidarity and mutual help;

- establish effective and fruitful cooperation between socially active respectable group leaders in all the areas of work around the world using the7 ALLATRA Foundations for the benefit of development and assertion of the spiritual and creative vector of life of society.

If an active person, being immersed in the thick of this bustling world, lives inside by the riches of the spiritual world, then his wisdom will know no limit in the earthly achievements as well, and all the deeds will be closely linked to the original meaning of his life.


The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is:

- the basis for activities and relationships of people all over the world built on the 7 ALLATRA Foundations, which have universal human spiritual values in their essence;

- a voluntary expression of will, which signifies the involvement in the world's largest global public initiative aimed at establishing a new spiritual and creative model of social development;

- a manifestation of a socially active civil position in order to create not just in word but in deed the basis for the development of society founded on the universal human spiritual and moral values;

- a self-initiated agreement which does not require any legal formalities; becoming a Partner of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement, the head takes responsibility for improving his/her personal human qualities and creating conditions for the manifestation and development of the spiritual and moral qualities of employees;

- an agreement of respectable and honest people who aspire to be an example of moral and social virtues for the society and develop their activities and strategies guided by the universal values of the 7 ALLATRA Foundations.

The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is not a legal document, but it is a much more significant evidence that characterizes the Personality of the Partner of the given Agreement. The involvement in this global all people's initiative demonstrates the actual intention of a respectable and honest person who values the word and the deed of Honour more than any formal paper and who is guided in his life by the universal human spiritual and moral values ― the 7 ALLATRA Foundations.

The heads of organizations who joined the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement officially declare and demonstrate their support for the all people's global initiative and contribution to the prosperity and formation of a creative and peaceful society. By their words and deeds, these worthy people confirm that in their business practice they are guided by the moral and ethical principles of the Personality, and the highest universal human values ― the 7 ALLATRA Foundations, which are fundamental to the human relationships in the professional areas, such as social, economic, scientific and others.

At the heart of the ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement lies the belief that the creation and implementation of an entirely new model of society is possible only through joint efforts and cooperation of people on the basis of universal human spiritual values. A model of the society in which spiritual and moral values and guidelines are primary; the society in which the assertion and protection of the spiritual values in any area of work, including business, are primary while profit is secondary.

All earthly is transient and changeable in the dust of the instant of the human existence. The desire for personal gain bears the burden of endless problems, which quickly drains a person of his strength. The desire to gain temporary earthly power creates dreams of pleasures and the grief of killing oneself already during life. A sincere desire to overcome one’s earthly nature and real spiritual self-development uplifts and opens the great depository of the spiritual riches. And then whatever the outcome of the earthly life is – in your Life you are already a Winner!

By joining forces on the basis on the spiritual and moral ideology, humanity is capable of solving any issues, even the ones that are extremely complex for the society, and through the unity of creative powers to overcome the financial and economic crises, the challenges of our time and nature, which are difficult to deal with alone. That is why today it is especially important to support each other, to seek the most effective level of interaction and use complementary assets. The spiritual and creative development strategy of the society, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the life of each person and provide a solid foundation for future generations.

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