allatra partners

ALLATRA International Public Movement is a unifying basis for independent friendship between the peoples of the world, which exists outside the conventions, borders and separating boundaries of the consumer material system. Our foundations, on which we build any partnerships, are:


Our PARTNERS are wonderful people who do not remain indifferent to the pressing problems of the human society anywhere in the world. The heartfelt attention of such helpful people, who in the world today have not lost integrity, their human dignity, the sense of responsibility, empathy and involvement in solving problems that are common to all mankind, indicates that good and kind people on Earth are indeed very many! Having united in their sincere intention to do good with other people, they represent GOOD IN ACTION - an all people's directive creative power that can change the world for the better.

By following his spiritual qualities, man is capable of much!

ALLATRA is a universal, worldwide, and public communication forum that acts as a focal point and the supporting structure of the global all people's initiative. This is a world forum of all nations intended to identify the society's pressing issues, find the most constructive solutions, implement rational ideas into action in order to resolve the priority issues related to the challenges of today.

The mechanism of cooperation of our partners is based on mutual help, an interactive dialogue between people and the implementation of, first of all, the projects that are socially significant for the community, with comprehensive feasible contribution of the active participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement.