Free energy

Along with all the abovementioned ancient knowledge of the processes which are taking place at the level of ezoosmic grid, in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS there is also there is also the knowledge about how it is possible to get free energy, being aware of the functioning and operation of the invisible world. The term "free energy" does not refer to the terms "Helmholtz free energy" or "Gibbs free energy" known nowadays in physics and physical chemistry. The term "FREE ENERGY" in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS should be understood as a derivative of the universal active force which manifests itself at the excitation of the own septon field of a real Po particle located in an ezoosmic cell. In fact, that is the generation of free energy based on the excitation of the septon field of real (stationary) Po particles in ezoosmic grid. Understanding of the essence of this energy doesn't contradict the general fundamental concept of energy in modern physics which implies the ability of material systems to operate when they are changing their state; of the energy as of a unified common measure of qualitatively various forms of the motion of matter, preserved at their interconversions. On the contrary, it reveals its fundamental principles. The Knowledge of this universal force provides fundamental answers to many pressing questions of modern physics, including an answer to the question of how it is possible to simply and freely get the same electric energy in unlimited quantity regardless of availability of natural resources in any dimensional point of the ezoosmic grid.

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