Septon field

At the level of the ezoosmic grid all real Po particles, although each of them exists in its ezoosmic cell, are connected with each other through the common septon field. (Note: for more information about this field refer to the book “AllatRa” where it is mentioned under the term “Animal mind”). The septon field unites all stationary Po particles in one solid system, “managing part” of the material world, which functions as one “control centre” only within 6(!) dimensions  (Note: refer to the book “AllatRa” – “the power of the Animal mind is limited to 6 dimensions”). In the septon field there is an immediate informational contact between the real(stationary) Po particles. It means that in this field information is transmitted immediately from one real Po particle to another, no matter how far they are placed from each other in the ezoosmic grid. There is no time in this field.


The septon field is a common universal field thanks to which all the fundamental interactions in the material world take place. It is at the core of any phenomena, process, object and their components. Both the objects of macrocosm and the objects of microcosm have their own septon field. This is a common field which unites them in their essence, as the real Po particle and the phantom Po particle consist of the elements of this field – septons. This universal field determines the behavior of complex systems. The knowledge of the septon field are the key one for the understanding of the material world at all levels of its existence. It can give answers to such questions as: what is time, space, gravity, electromagnetism, the nature of the electric current, what makes the particles and objects move and strive to survive, interact with each other. If you know how the septon field functions, you can understand how the process of information transmission, its encoding and decoding by different systems, etc. takes place. Moreover, knowing how the septon field of various objects, including human beings, functions, one can understand how the process of thoughts formation takes places.


The unique structure of the septon field, its minimal component is a septon (the modern term which is used in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS). The word septon derives from the Latin word “septem” which means “seven”. Such name was given due to the number of elements in this structure. Moreover, taking into account the philosophical context, the concept of septon (as part of the Animal mind) relates in its meaning to both the Latin word “septum” and the Greek word “σήψιζ" (sept). The Latin word “septum” means “fence”, i.e. a soft wall dividing some space, room into parts, internal enclosing structure, main framework. As it was written in ancient times, one of the main actions of the Animal mind is division and separation of one into parts (divide and rule). The Greek word «σήψιζ» (sept) means “decay”, “rotten”, i.e perishability, destruction, decomposition of the dead, the transformation of the dead under the influence of some conditions (that plays a significant role in the cycle of elements). Septon may not be ascribed even to the smallest indivisible Po particle as it is what creates the Po particle itself (both the real and phantom one) but it is not the Po particle in its basic essence. The structure of septon consists of an inclusion of the force of Allat and surrounding six “antipode-reflections” – antiallats, i.e. overall – 7 elements. As a figurative example, taking into account many associations of the threedimensional world, we can say, that it is some kind of a mini-machine, a mechanism which transforms the force of Allat into antiallat, which allows the material world to exist.



From the book “AllatRa”: And here is another very important aspect of the creation of the Universe, which gives an understanding of what the Universe represents now. The drive of the force of Allat for the unified ordered form set the motion of the Universe “from the inside to the outside” and started spinning it in the right spiral, i.e. towards expansion. So the function to create was set. (People from the upper Paleolithic times symbolically depicted this movement “from the inside to the outside” as the right swastika (the “straight”, “right” swastika), in other words as a cross with edges bent to the left. Such a swastika symbolizes the clockwise movement — in the right direction. By the way, translated from Sanskrit, the Old Indian word “swastika” from the word “su” means “associated with good”, i.e. “su-asti” means “the beautiful exists”, “good existence”.


Simultaneously, while spinning the Universe in the right spiral, the force of Allat gave birth to the opposing force, which started spinning in a reverse spiral inside the Universe, in the direction which was opposite to the main direction of Allat — “from the outside to the inside”, bringing matter together into a unified material Mind (the Animal mind).  Thus, the destroying function was set, an opposition to the forces of Allat. (Peoples symbolically depicted this motion “from the outside to the inside” as the wrong, aggressive, reverse swastika, i.e. as a cross with edges bent to the right. Such a swastika symbolizes the counterclockwise movement — in the left direction. In mythology, the emergence of the countervailing force is reflected in the image of the emergence of fire out of water).


So, in such a way there appeared two directly opposite forces in the Universe: the greater force spinning the Universe outwards, and the smaller force that opposes it within the Universe itself. After these two forces had manifested themselves, the Universe lost its spherical shape and flattened under their influence, that is, compressed, became flatter. This point is recorded in the cosmic legends of nations of the world as the cracking of the world egg, splitting it in two halves, out of which heaven and earth were created, and divisions (spaces) and waters were placed between them. Other legends say that the components, which remained after the egg had cracked, expanded and turned into the Universe. Still other episodes mention the division of the world into two elements or two deities with directly opposite functions, the creation of an invisible couple. The spirals themselves are represented in myths as, for example, the first couple of gods with opposite functions (one having the divine essence, while the other one, the demonic one), from whom the other gods later descended. In another version of the legends, they were depicted as half-humans and half-snakes (at that, the creative ones being the water deities, had bodies of the distinctive green colour). In a third version, there were characters that embodied order, life waters, fertility, and light; the opposite ones personified disorder, death, darkness, an unpaired creature (for instance, according to African myths, the jackal who desired to become the master of the Universe). So this is how the creation of the Universe was reflected in myths. It is just that modern people have lost the understanding of the spiritual side of the subject, and everything has been reduced to the level of the material perception of ancient stories. (Note: for more information about the force of Allat please refer to the book «AllatRa»)


In ancient times this structure, which is the main unit of the septon field, was also associatively compared to 6 “smoking mirrors” (baneful origins), that surround the shining source (the candle of living light; the true origin). These mirrors, while turning, only distort the reflected light and are not light by their nature. In ancient legends the true nature (the inclusion of the force of Allat) was compared to a burning candle. It was mentioned that once the burning candle disappears, all the visible will disappear and turn into nothing. The candle is a constant burning, the mirrors are constant reflection. In such a way ancient people explained the essence of the constant movement and action of this structure – septon. There are much more reflections, they attract man’s eye, focusing his attention on the dead. The real source of life for a human being is only one, and it is hidden not in the external world or human body, but in the Soul. On the whole, it was mentioned that this is plural mirror reflection of the one, as the brink between the visible and invisible worlds, reality and illusion, which only disguises as reality. That is why it was written in spiritual texts that only that one who is not bound to the visible, takes care of the Soul.


Using modern associative comparisons, 6 “antipodes-reflections” - antiallats - may be called some kind of microgolographical objects which exist only thanks to the presence in this world of the force of Allat and make up the essence of the illusionary world – the world of many pseudocopies. Ancient texts contain mentions that this temporal world is just an illusion of mirror crossings, which captures the man's attention by false realism of shadows, their play of mutual contemplations. Everything is just a reflection of something, a cause and a consequence. What draws human attention more: the mirror play of many reflections of the material world or the true spiritual source – the part of that he becomes in the end.


Every Po particle (both the real and phantom one) - is in its essence a concentrated cluster of septons around which there is its own moderate diffused septon field. It means that Po particle represents a high concentration of septons in a small space - the ezoosmic cell. Figuratively, in order to understand the process, Po particle maybe compared with the atmospheric vortex (tornado) where septons are the molecules of the air. Also Po particle can be associatevely compared with snow clod consisting of many snowflakes (septons). In this concentrated clod (Po particle) there are up to 80% of septons, in its own septon field which surrounds this clod – up to 20% of septons. On the whole, the phantom Po particle (which all the elementary particles consist of) may be associatively compared to a convenient mechanism intended mainly for storage and transportation of an inner potential (energy and information). And the real Po particle (one of the main elements of the ezoosmic cell) which has a higher concentration of septons may be compared to a convenient mechanism intended for partial redistribution of the inner potential of the phantom Po particle.


In early Vedic mythology there was a concept “maya” (in Sanskrit माया literally ‒ “illusion”), which later was introduced to Hinduism and other religions of India. This concept denoted the image of something that exists on its own, aside God. It was thought that if God is not visible, nothing could be seen in its real form because in this case man is under the influence of maya. The material world – maya, consisting of collection of many illusions - makes man perceive and see everything in a wrong way, in false form which are not such in Reality (spiritual world). Maya hides Reality. An illusion appears because man is tempted by wishes in this world and unwilling to enter the genuine Reality. In Veda the term maya denotes the force which originates in the material world.
References: Религия: Энциклопедия / сост. и общ. ред. Грицанов А.А., Синило Г. В. [Religion: Encyclopedia/ editors – A.A. Gritsanov, G.V. Sinilo] Minsk: Knizhny Dom, 2007 [In Russian].


A septon field is the basis of the material Universe. This field is everywhere. It forms the basis of all known and unknown (to official science) fields and interactions, material objects, organic and non-organic combinations and so on. The septon field may be found in all living and non-living objects and phenomena. For example, the Earth has its septon field too. And as in cases with other objects it activates before certain phenomena happen. It was noticed that almost 7-8 hours before a tornado there is a drastic rise of the septon field intensity in the places where it originates and on its way. According to the latest research in the sphere of seismology and volcanology, conducted by the scientists of the ALLATRA International Public Movement, in “focal” areas of our planet there is a rise of the septon field intensity and its alterations before earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Our experience has proven that we can study these processes, control them and make accurate forecasts of natural events. (Note: for more information please refer to the report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” ‒ 


Today, the main topic of discussion between physicists (as well as philosophers of Аntiquity) is the “hypothesis” of existence of a unified field, which is the basis of all phenomena and fundamental interactions of the material world. But unlike the antique scientists who used more ancient knowledge of this unified field, many of today's scientists, being under control of the system, wander in the darkness of "materialism". Perhaps, progressive scientists of the world should put themselves into the position of Observer above the existing problem and ponder the question, why so much human energy, attention, nerves and resources are focused in this restrictive framework. From where did originally such a thought-program, such zealous aspiration to assign by all means to the matter the central role in any "Grand Unification Theory” to matter and thereby to strengthen the new "acknowledgment" of materialism in the consciousness of present and future generations emerge? Who benefits from guiding the mankind in that direction of thinking and focusing so much attention on the priority of material nature, first of all strengthening this program in the human consciousness? Why, in very ancient times the knowledge about the Unified field as a unified collective material Mind, World Mind, unified field of Consciousness, “cosmic Thought basis”, “Prince of this world” and so on was presented as an antipode to the spiritual world? Why, anyhow, was it mentioned that the human consciousness (his own septon field where thoughts arise) belongs to the animal nature and is a part of the unified Animal Mind of the Universe? Why were the deepest feelings were considered to be the unique human perception (process without the participation of septon field of consciousness!), which connected the Personality with the soul (the spiritual nature), with the spiritual world of an exclusive creative force, offering to the Personality an absolute freedom from the power of the Animal nature?


Nowadays many physicists spend their life time, making tremendous efforts to create new materialistic theories, struggle with the insoluble dilemma of creation of "The theory of everything", with searching of a Unified field equation which would unite only four fundamental interactions known nowadays gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong. But what lies at the basis of these fields, and why is the ancient rule "change conditions and everything will change" also applicable to them? Mentioned force fields known nowadays are not a limit of the existing interactions in nature. It is enough to glance at the list of unsolved problems of modern science on each of its fundamental directions to understand how little people know about themselves, about the world and its structure. There is no need even to go deep into the complexity of cosmic processes, but just try to answer simple questions, what is human thought? How is it formed and what does it consist of? What lies at the basis of phenomena related to it? What are the conscious and subconscious fields composed of? What power is hidden in the human attention, and why is it an action trigger? How does actually the process of information transmission in the world invisible to the human eye take place? After all, the basis of all these processes is pure physics. The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHISICS not only answers these questions, but also gives an absolute understanding of who a human being is and what the primordial sense of human existence consists in.


Septon field (the Animal Mind) - is the highest by the organization self-conscious intelligent structure of matter, which perceives itself as "living in the real world." It was mentioned since the most ancient times as the all-pervading force which originates in the material world, as its Higher intelligence, as a kind of pervasive, dominating in this material world Principle (the Animal mind ) which is opposite in functions to the spiritual world. And the human consciousness was mentioned as a material part of this intelligent structure, which was opposed to the nonmaterial part of the person ‒ to the spiritual nature (the soul).

Since ancient times in human society there was a knowledge of the existence of power (demonic essence) which was intelligent and to a great extent exceeded human abilities in the material world, but it was insignificant compared to the forces of the spiritual world. In extreme antiquity people knew that nature isn't a dead object. Along with the concepts of the main sense of human existence –the spiritual life, the soul, its independence from the body, the rebirth of the soul, people knew also about life and the material world order, they knew that every natural phenomenon is produced by the force, which is inherent to the entire matter (Note: by septon field). They called some of its manifestations "spirits" (the invisible forces of the world) and they had an understanding that all surrounding objects of nature have supernatural doubles (Note: any object in a material world has its own septon field).


For example, people of Melanesia and Polynesia knew about all-pervading spirit "mana" ‒ a supernatural force (latent or potential) which is not perceived sensually, brings mainly evil for a person and only at first sight seems good. Mana as a force can be individually inherent to some spirits, dead, and also people (generally to sorcerers, priests, leaders), animals, objects. For Melanesians mana is a mysterious and active force, qualitatively different from physical forces, and acting randomly. For example, they believed that: the head of the clan has mana; magic rituals of white people (missionaries) who came to their lands possess stronger mana than mana of local rituals; the British conquered the Maori people because their mana was stronger; even latrines have mana being "receivers of force " which the human bodies and their excretions possess. Moreover, this force was associated with the "shadow" of the soul (Note: subpersonality), fated to disappear with the death of its carrier, whether it passes to another person or transforms into a totem. It is interesting that in other parts of the world echoes of this knowledge have also remained. There were other nations that knew from ancient times about the existence of such a force. For example, in some tribes of American Indians, this force is known as Wakan (Wakanda, in the Dakota Sioux tribes), Orenda (in Iroquois; they believed, for example, that there is Orenda in tempest, Orenda takes possession of man when he is in a rage), pokunt (in the Shoshone tribes), mannitou (in the Algonquian tribes), eki (in Pongwe in Africa), megbe (in African Pygmies - Bambuti) etc.. All these concepts express the same, as mana of Melanesians.


Till now in the modern world the component of compound words "-man" pointing to obsession by any action, phenomenon, etc. is used. In Greek, there is a word «manía» - "madness, exaltation, passion." In Slavic languages the word "manna" means "temptation, deception, lure, something misleading, sorcery". It is related to the Russian words "маять , "маю", "намаять"(to the Russian words “to languish”) (which have such meanings as: "torture; to let know by a sign; to deceive; mirage, roundabout way) as well as the ancient Hindu word "māуā́” - "transformation, magic power, deception, illusion" ("dur-māyú ṣ" ‒ "applying evil spells"). The Slavs since ancient times have also preserved a mythological character Mara – a malicious spirit that causes harm to people. In Sanskrit «mâra» literally means - "killing", "destroying". In Buddhist mythology, Mara – is a spirit that personifies evil and all that leads to death of living beings. The huge number of evil spirits representing negative emotions of a person (desire, hatred, doubt and so on) is subordinated to it. Its main function is considered to be the creation of obstacles to people following the spiritual way, seeking enlightenment, their distraction from inner spiritual life by the external earthly outer illusory attraction, giving lie as truth, negative as positive. Its mission - to lead their spiritual life to death. In the mythology of Buddhism Mara - is a demon-tempter, who tried to seduce Gautama Buddha by different earthly visions and desires. In Chinese mythology, there is a character Man - a monstrous serpent (dragon), who was considered the greatest snake, the king of snakes.


Different ancient nations had an understanding that all things in the world were endowed with a force which doesn't belong to these things. Such natural phenomena as, for example, wind, rain or objects ‒ rivers, trees, stones and so on were said to have "their own spirit". It was considered that all-pervading force is present everywhere in the Cosmos, but appears only in extraordinary phenomena, for example, in the activity of the Sun and Moon, in times of strong earthquakes, hurricanes, thunder, etc., in creatures, and also in people who were obsessed by this force (sorcerers, etc.). The latter manipulated manna to get material benefits (note, different from spiritual!), momentary desires, for example, such as recovery from illness, good weather, success in battle, achievement of wealth and power. This force formed the basis of magical actions. It was thought that such a man (sorcerer) can communicate with the spirits of nature and dead people (ghosts) in the process of divination, magic, sorcery. However, there was also an understanding that no one possesses that power himself: everything he did, using this force, he did by means of spirits belonging to this force which, eventually, started controlling him as a slave. Such a person, succumbing to these temporary, illusory temptations of the Animal mind paid for his illusions and games with its force disproportionately more - his real vital force and true freedom. It was considered the way of a doomed to Death. (Note: see more in the book "AllatRa")


However all this knowledge about the material world, hostile for person, and the force which this temporary world was endowed with, was secondary on the background of the basic concept of the spiritual world and a person’s connection with this higher world. It existed as a supplement to the explanation of what is the sense of human life is, and what the reasons of human temporary existence and suffering in this material world are. That means that this knowledge was given in addition to the general spiritual knowledge, wide disclosing of the meaning and importance of the spiritual nature in a human – the soul. From extreme antiquity people knew that the soul exists out of body (during lifetime and after the death of body), has the ability to move to new bodies and is not the exclusive property of a person, and is only a force which is capable to bring a person beyond the limits of the material world to reunite with the eternal and initial spiritual world. People had an understanding, that the Personality (not the body but as whom a person feels inside) can during the life, thanks to the merger with the soul go to the spiritual world, thereby acquiring an absolute freedom from the power of the Animal nature of the material world. This is the main sense of human life. The rest, as it was pointed out by ancient people, whatever the person reaches in the material world during the life, everything is temporary, illusory, mortal, and for all the actions the Personality will bear the responsibility after the death of body.


In fact, ancient Greeks called priests of the Medes and Persians ("magush, mugh") by the word "magician" (in Latin ‒ "magi", in Greek ‒ "magos"). It is assumed that this word goes back to the Proto-Indo-European root «mugh» - «to have the power to be able to", many European words denoting the concept of I " I can", "I have opportunity" are formed from this root. In ancient times gifted people who possessed a force were referred to as "those having an opportunity" (Note: refer to the book "AllatRa"). Some possessed it from birth, and some acquired it in the course of development of special techniques. In essence, it is the force of Allat. But the more force was in a person the more active his or her septon field became. Force is force, here everything depended on what the person chose, where he or she invested their attention in, as they said in ancient times – either his living flame (the Soul, his deepest feelings) or the curling smoke of the illusory world (thoughts, emotions from the Animal nature).
If man focused the most part of his attention on the septon field, i.e. on the desires (thoughts) of material life, then as a result he got magic and catastrophic consequences for his Personality. If man directed this force to the spiritual selfdevelopment, he reached the main goal of his life – his spiritual transformation and inner freedom from the material world, from the dominating influence of septon field.


At the heart of these changes and transformations of a person there is pure physics. According to the ancient primordial knowledge, the force of the attention ‒ is an enormous vital force in which the creating force of Allat is concentrated. It is thanks to the power of attention that the Personality exercises the freedom of choice and forms his or her afterlife destiny by every moment of his or her life. Where person draws his attention (inner potential), that becomes his reality. Any attempts to draw attention to the material world, its desires and delusions, subsequently always form the reality of suffering extended in time. That is why in the spiritual treatises it was said that it’s important for man to focus his attention permanently on his spiritual inner world. Only in this case, the person will invest his precious inner potential to the formation of life after death, and not spend it on the formation of death during the life (subpersonalities). In the language of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS if a person spends no more than 10% of power of his attention to the material life and 90% of the attention focuses on the state of domination of spiritual life in his inner world then this leads to the spiritual transformation of that person. Otherwise, when 90% of attention are paid to material life, desires and thoughts of the Animal nature and 10% ‒ to care about the spiritual condition, then during the lifetime a person forms for himself a subpersonality. It is not philosophy or religion, but the fundamental laws of physics.


All these spiritual knowledge in one or another form existed in human society initially and it is confirmed by ethnographic researches of different nations of the world. It is interesting that among those nations, which nowadays some scientists of consumer society call "primitive communities", magic practices, in contrast to the spiritual life, are developed less (they receive less attention), than among those nations which have already established the Institute of religion and politics. The latter has magic on the leading place as the secret knowledge of priests and those in power (leaders). Thus despite the fact that magic is found everywhere, it has the prevailing influence in "developed societies'. The obvious fact: till now magic and occultism are the core of the majority of the most developed priestly and political systems of the modern world and are at the heart of any global world reorganization designed on the kitchen of the world politics. It is enough to wonder why priests belonging to different religious systems, using all sorts of tools, force millions of believers to spend their inner potential on "the smoking mirrors", to ask "the supreme forces" for things that are temporary and illusory for a human being, e.g. solution of any material problems, health, good harvest, victories in wars and so on. What stands behind it? Who controls the consciousness of priests when they motivate crowds to ask about the earthly concerns? After all, ideally they should preach to people about the soul and the spiritual vigil in this temporary world. What is the sense of the majority of various religious rites and how does that differ from the magical rites of aboriginals who use the force of mana?


Spiritual life implies the only request – for the spiritual salvation of the Personality, salvation thanks to his or her soul. This request is made by person in his inner world without external intermediaries. In the history of religions of different times there were enough people who awoke spiritually and understood all the falsity and deception of the system, all that mirror distortion of the initial Truth. Such people, usually, whatever position in the religion they held, after realizing it, moved far away from the system of power and dedicated more time to the real spiritual improvement.


In ancient India, it was considered that the basis of magic are the supernatural forces which were connected with the force of world illusion (maya). Since ancient times, the Hindus had the concept of the"maya" as a designation of world illusion, the "overturning", transforming principle, determining the existence of the material world. There was the whole doctrine about "maya" which was connected with the word "magic" (the Sanskrit word "maya" ‒ sorcery, deception, mystification, illusiveness). It was based on the Law of Similarity (the similar generates similar), on the possibility of person’s conscious impact on the elements of the surrounding world. It was believed that using maya god brings to the imaginary, illusory life (which is perceived only by consciousness) the whole world of objects to which a person not possessing a genuine knowledge, is inclined to attribute the status of "reality."

At the heart of magic always lies the desire for power. The famous philosopher of antiquity Proclus wrote about using of the supernatural forces that are the basis of magic by priests of antiquity: “Ancient priests, taking into account that the natural things have some affinity and sympathy of one thing to another, and between manifested things and occult forces, and having discovered that all things are contained in everything, created a sacred science on the basis of this mutual sympathy and similarity... and used both the celestial and the earthly essences in occult purposes, by means of which, through a certain similarity, relegated the divine forces in this lowest dwelling”.


The principle of the Animal mind "divide and rule" repeated fractally in human consumer society. In history it is possible to track clearly the periods of active impact of the unified septon field on human society in different periods of time through human consciousness controlled by it. Exactly during these periods we can observe a splash of activity of people (its conductors), connected with the power (magic, occultism) in the human society, which distorted the spiritual knowledge of the previous generations and introduced the attitudes favorable to the system of Animal mind based on fear, hatred, servility to young generations of mankind.


Ancient spiritual legends said that the primordial spiritual knowledge make people truly free, independent of the illusions of the material world, reveal inner spiritual force. However, when in human society religions as institutes of the priestly power started to be formed, they began to rebuild the primordial spiritual knowledge into a form convenient for manipulating people. If we trace the history of the different religions existing at various times in human society, we will see that every religion that gained mass popularity on the basis of grains of the spiritual knowledge was subsequently split into different movements due to the problem of dominating and power in the religious community. There was a breaking of power within the family of descendants of priests that generated dogmatic divergences of different sort inside of religious movement. Differences in the interpretation of the nature of power took a form of various doctrines of supreme power, in somebody’s “own” understanding of spiritual knowledge claimed to be truth. It is an indicator of how the material stereotyped thinking controlled by septon field acts.


If we compare the institutions of religion and politics of different times and nations, it is possible to identify the same stereotypes of struggle for power and influence inherent in any complex system of organization of matter. Today it is possible to observe in its entirety the result of the work of the unified septon field of the stationary Po particles and their effects on the consciousness of people as a part of this field. This is a multiple breaking of a human society into small pieces on the basis of any signs: starting with nationality, religion, social status of a person, the presence of territorial borders and ending with all sorts of institutions of power, hierarchies and so on. "Divide and rule" – this is a reflection of what is happening in people’s minds and who actually manipulates them and for what purposes.



Knowing the foundations of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, it is possible to understand that consciousness with its multiple thoughts is only the septon field of the Animal nature which easily manipulates man, taking his potential for its life. However, due to the spiritual development of a person a completely different perception opens, independent of the septon field, that allows a person to get free from the dominance of the septon field and reach his genuine source of forces - the soul. As ancient people wrote, having lost the primordial knowledge over time, having lost the keys of the access to their inexhaustible spiritual source, people started to serve mirrors, seduced by the game of their illusions.

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