Main differences between real and phantom Po particles

Why phantom and real particles are called equally – "Po particles"? The name "Po particle" (the "particle" consisting of Po) is taken from the Antiquity as a symbol of the smallest unit of the material world manifested due to the forces of Allat through the septon field. Phantom Po particle and real Po particle – are absolutely different in characteristics and functions particles which are united only by the common component of the material world ‒ septon. Their common name "Po" is not only an indicatorof the smallest unit ("particle") of the material world, but also a homage to the primordial knowledge (in extreme antiquity in one of the first legends it was said that the whole world is created from Po grains).


Phantom Po particles and real Po particles cardinally differ from each other in functions and mission. Real(stationary) Po particles form the basis of the invisible world of matter, the unified septon field which has a major impact on the visible world (including the threedimensional space) and exercise the general control of the world of matter. And phantom Po particles form the basis of the visible world of matter and are, thanks to the concentrated clot of septons, carriers of inner potential, i.e. energy and information.


As it was mentioned, in ancient times processes of the invisible world were explained by the phenomena and objects, visible and clear for a person. Forma-tion of the world from invisible smallest particles was explained by the example of seed (of the creative spirit in it), as a life germ, and also by the example of the smallest grains of those cereal crops which were known to the local people in everyday life . Briefly we will give several examples showing that such a knowledge existed among nations living on different continents. Asia: in Hinduism, a seed means a divine spirit (Atman) which is in the center of life, and seed-grain symbolizes a life seed, much in little. Africa: according to one of the versions of cosmogonic myth of the African Dogon tribe, the world originated from the word 'Amma' (the Primordial Sound) which gave rise to the infinitely small – kize uzi (which is related to the symbol of Po grain or fonio grain – the most ancient cereal crop of Africa). America: American Indians believe that a maize ear with all its seeds represents all people, all things in the Universe, and so on.

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In ancient times the difference between particles was explained by associative examples of fish (figurative comparison with real Po particle) and bird (figurative comparison with phantom Po particle). The element of fish is water. The fish is not visible even in a small lake, but it exists there. The lake is limited by coasts, therefore the fish lives only within its limits (comparison with ezoosmic cell). The element of bird is the sky. Unlike the fish that doesn't leave the lake, the bird can fly to different lakes (figurative comparison with the continuous movement of phantom Po particle).



• Form the invisible world of matter.
• Form the visible world of matter.
• Each particle resides separately in its ezoosmic cell. It is connected with other particles only through their common septon field.
• Phantom Po particle can not exist separately. It disappears immediately in ezoosmic membrane. It exists only in conjunction with other Po particles forming elementary particles consisting of three or more phantom Po particles.
• Motionless (stationary), constantly reside in their ezoosmic cell.
• Mobile, constantly move along a spiral trajectory.
• Exercise a partial withdrawal of energy and reading the information from the phantom Po particles passing through a cell and redistribution of the received potential on the system of real Po particles ‒ septon field.
• Move through ezoosmic cells, penetrate into ezoosmic membrane, participate in the process of ezoosmos. It can appear instantly and disappear instantly in different areas of ezoosmic grid.
• The quantity of real Po particles is constant and invariable.
• The quantity of phantom Po particles varies, however it is much less than that of real Po particles.

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