About non-material nature

In ancient teachings of the East and as well as in the earliest historic form of Greek atomism there was a concept of non-material nature existing outside space and time. To a large extent it explained the behavior and characteristics of the material world, allowed to understand the laws of interaction of matter and principles of controlling it. Since the 19th century many ancient references about the non-material nature were deliberately removed and fully expurgated from the publicly available knowledge. As a result the following generations were raised with dominating materialistic worldview determined by egoistic consumer thinking, limited reality perception. As a consequence, today mankind has a lot of problems, including scientific problems which could have been avoided. For example, in physics it is the issue of the so-called “crisis of elementary particle physics”. It means that nowadays thanks to high energies physics mankind has faced unusual facts in the microcosm, the variety of appearing and disappearing particles in the microcosm, interconversion of mass to energy, but, having lost the primordial knowledge of non-material nature, it is now standing at the threshold of misunderstanding of these global processes and apprehending them from the perspective of an Observer outside the system. 

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