In the modern physics this elementary particle is called neutrino (Italian word «neutrino», that is diminutive of «neutrone» - «neutron»).Officially, Wolfgang Pauli proposed the hypothetical existence of this particle in 1930. The scientist, trying to explain the apparent violation of the laws of conservation of energy and momentum of quantity motions in the process of beta disintegration of atomic nuclei, as the "last resort", put forward the hypothesis of the existence of a kind of weakly interacting particle in order to explain this process. Based on this hypothesis, a prominent Italian physicist Enrico Fermi (Enrico Fermi; 1901 - 1954) developed a theory of beta disintegration, the essence of which was that the elementary particle that is still unknown to the science, is emitted during the beta-disintegration, in addition to electron. He gave name to this particle - neutrino. It appeared feasible to confirm the existence of neutrino through the experiments only in 1956.


Neutrino was called an "illusory particle." Today the official science knows not so much about this unique particle, however, it also does not know what kind of particle it actually is. It is believed that neutrino is extremely difficult to detect, and in order to do this, the creation of appropriate conditions and the particular equipment, expensive materials, etc are required. It is known that neutrinos are formed and destroyed as a result of particles disintegration in which the weak nuclear force is involved. Neutrinos interact very weakly with the substance and have a high penetrating capability. It is believed that this particle is emitted during the transformation of atomic nuclei and the disintegration of elementary particles in the bowels of the Earth and its atmosphere, inside the Sun, in other stars, and so on. In laboratory conditions, the nuclear reactors and accelerators of the charged particles are the sources of neutrino. According to scientists’ assumptions, a powerful stream of neutrino permeates the entire cosmos. Around a hundred of trillions of these particles permeates every human being every second. Today, the neutrino is considered to be a perspective tool for the study of cosmic objects (including the Earth, the Sun) and as an opportunity of obtaining accurate and timely information, and it has been successfully confirmed by the scientists of ALLATRA SCIENCE group.


IN FACT NEUTRINO is, like photon, one of the smallest and the most common elementary particles in the Universe. Neutrino consists of 5 phantom Po particles where two phantom Po particles are connected via allat phantom Po particle with two other phantom Po particles.


The following fact, related to a power particle – allat phantom Po particle, is especially worth paying attention to. As part of the photon-3, allat phantom Po particle connects one phantom Po particle with another one, and because of this elementary particle exhibits a more rough power interaction in the material world. As a part of the neutrino allat phantom Po particle connects two phantom Po particles with another two and because of it this elementary particle exhibits a more subtle interaction in the material world.


A distinctive feature of neutrino is its all-pervasive effect due its very weak interaction with the matter. Its main function is to transfer "internal information" about the objects. However, unlike the photon it does not destroy the elementary particles which the object comprises. Passing through the object, the neutrino only reads information from the head phantom Po particles of elementary particles that make up some particular object (just like a real Po particle does). Thus, the neutrino stream becomes a carrier of information about the internal structure and the state of objects and phenomena, unlike the streams of photons, which mainly carry the information about the external state of objects or events. Neutrino carries information about the inner structure and state of the matter from which it is released (it withdraws from the composition of complex elementary particles), and partly carries the information about the matter, through which it passes. In the latter case, the neutrino exchanges information with the head phantom Po particles of the elementary particles, which constitute the object.


Neutrino can exist in several states, but unlike photons, it will not change quantitative composition of phantom Po particles (it will always be permanent - 5 phantom Po particles). The neutrino can transform itself from one state to another, depending on whether it is in the composition of complex elementary particle or exists by itself. In the latter case, different states are also inherent to it, based on whether it is currently the information carrier or does not bear the information about other objects. If, currently, neutrino is a carrier of information - it is possible to detect and record this particle in third dimension.


Neutrino is a special elementary particle. Due to its all-pervasive character, streams of neutrino permeate the Earth, the Sun, cosmic space, other space objects, and are the carriers of the unique information about the state of these objects. Recent studies in the field of physics of elementary particles, neutrino geophysics and neutrino astrophysics, conducted by the working group of scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement reveals more opportunities for prospective basic and applied research. During the study, the important influence of cosmic factors on the activation of the internal dynamics of the Earth is detected... Due to the knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, the opportunity arose not only to fundamentally examine the behavior of neutrinos emanating from the bowels of the Earth and the Earth's own septon field, to calculate certain correlations, but also to elaborate new methods for the forecasting of the volcanic eruptions, to conduct a more detailed study of modern magmatic formations of geodynamic conditions. Moreover, an opportunity arose to have a direct impact on these processes by means of climate and volcanic geoengineering.


Due to the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, it can be confidently proclaimed today that it is quite feasible to control the natural processes.
(Note: for more details see the Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” ‒

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