It is the smallest and the most unique in its functions phantom Po particle. Being part of elementary particle, it plays an important role as a power particle and the universal connecting link between phantom Po particles which have incompatible inner potential and can not be located near each other in the structure of elementary particle. It exists only if it is bonded to other phantom Po particles. (As it was mentioned before, phantom Po particles do not exist separately). If in the process of elementary particle decay one phantom Po particle separates, then it disappears in ezoosmic membrane irretrievably. It is thanks to its universal character and exclusiveness of its nature that this Po particle was called Allat phantom Po particle or in short – Allat.


It is a unique power phantom Po particle. It is the only phantom Po particle from which the real (stationary) Po particle can not withdraw energy and information. Going through an ezoosmic cell, Allat phantom Po particle, figuratively speaking, has the immunity status (figurative example of diplomatic carriage). It is the presence of Allat phantom Po particle in their struc¬ture that makes such particles as, for example, photon (3 Po), neutrino (5 Po), and electron (13 Po) unique. If an elementary particle contains an Allat phantom Po particle, this means that this elementary particle takes part in power processes and interactions, shows specific properties and certain peculiarities. However, as far as this report does not have the goal to describe fully the characteristics of Allat phantom Po particle and its influence on Po particles in the process of various interactions of particles, which they make up, with other particles, we restrict ourselves just to the description of general understanding of these processes.


Thanks to its universal force of Allat, as people said in ancient times, which is inherent to the spiritual world, and thanks to its unique function to link unlikable, Allat phantom Po particle was denoted by the ancient Slavonic letter «A» ([а]; the name of this letter in the old Slavonic language – “Aз”[Az], it is also the old Slavonic name of the number one, which is connected with the usage of Cyrillic letters to denote numbers; there is an old Slavonic phrase “Аз есмь” (I am). It was done due to two reasons. First, in order to show the unique and exclusive character of Allat phantom Po particle itself and its many peculiarities against the background of already known values and notions in physics (to denote which we use letters of Latin and Greek alphabets). And second – for historical reasons, taking into account the fact that the fundamentals of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS lost in time by humanity as basics of science have been revived and restored on Slavic territories in present day world.


There is no elementary particle which consists of one or two phantom Po particles. The world of elementary particles, which make up all matter, begins with a bond of 3 phantom Po particles and more. This knowledge can be found in many ancient cultural traditions of nations of the world. For example, the numbers 1 and 2 were not considered to be numbers at all, and the first number in many traditions considered to be 3.


“The very notion “Allat” is quite ancient. In the past the Allat sign in the form of a half-moon with its horns up was used to indicate the presence of the divine force in this or that phenomena, object, etc. It also denotes a common unit - the forerunner of time.”
“Allat has multiple manifestations. In scientific understanding allat is a single unit of time, which has a great importance for all matter. If we take modern indication of earthly time, Allat makes up 12 minutes, more precisely 11 minutes 56.74 seconds. When scientists get to the notion of this important particle of foundation, so to say, the main building block of the Universe, there will be not just a grand revolution in science, there will be an evolutionary jump. Then scientists will understand what is hidden under the secret of time and having realized that they will reveal the true process of matter formation in the Universe. If people know the essence of Allat, they will get huge opportunities”. (Note: for more information about the unique nature of the force of Allat and its mentions in ancient times please refer to the books of Anastasia Novykh).


The symbolism of the number one was a reflection of the ancient knowledge of Allat phantom Po particle. In the most ancient texts, as a rule, the semantic meaning of the number "one" is found very rarely. The number one denoted not as much the first element in a row as such, but rather the perfect integrity of the spiritual world (the supreme god, thanks to whom this world emerged). It was interpreted as a beginning, initial cause, initial impetus, indivisible, foundation of life.


The symbolic meaning of the number “two” was connected with the ancient echoes of the knowledge of phantom and real Po particles which are the basis of interactions in ezoosmic grid. The number “two” was interpreted as the basis of binary oppositions with the help of which people described the world, division of unity, distorted reflection of unity (using the example of a candle reflected in two opposite mirrors); and it was mentioned that nothing has a real existence outside the Unity. The number two was interpreted as difference, dependence, appeal of illusion, formation of pairs of opposites. The Vedic tradition has such a correlation of 1 and 2 where two, on the one hand, is a symbol of opposition, division and connection, and on the other hand a symbol of conformity or homology of opposed members. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato mentioned that the number two is a number without meaning, because it implies a relation which brings the third factor.


The first number in a great number of traditions of nations of the world was considered to be 3. It opened a numerical series and was interpreted as a perfect number, dynamic unity, accumulated action, universal character of power, multiplicity, creation, movement ahead, aggregation, external expression, the origin of all the things, etc. It was the main constant of mythpoetical macrocosm and social organization (three highest values, three presiding deities, three times people repeat some action during rituals and so on). The bond of three phantom Po particles will be the next topic in this report.

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