So what makes up the basis of the material world unity and determines the diversity of its changes? The keys which were lost since ancient times and reveal the secrets of the true microcosm physics are the concepts of EZOOSMOS and EZOOSMIC GRID. They give the whole picture of the processes which occur in the Universe, of discreteness of matter structure, the functions of indivisible and the creation of divisible particles, the understanding of basic principles of their interaction and opportunities of getting free energy from inexhaustible source. This is the knowledge which was lost in time and became the basis for various cosmological myths, religious dogmas, philosophical schools and so on. Our millennium heard just the echo of that former knowledge of the invisible processes (for example, in ancient Indian texts - the concept of “akasha”) (“eliminated space”, “infinite shining (emission)”), in ancient Greek literature – “aether” (“transparent, pure air stratum, home of gods”), which was many times made more complex because of the simple lack of understanding of the true essence of these processes.


What is the ezoosmos and the ezoosmic grid? French physicist Henri Poincaré made a true statement (based on more ancient sources) about motionless aether, that it could never be found experimentally. But that does not mean that the aether does not exist. It only means that it is inaccessible to perception of man as an observer of the three-dimensional world. In ancient times it was indeed mentioned that this basis of the material world was stationary and inaccessible to people, that this substance can not be felt by touching, can not be seen by eyesight and no one can hear its inaudible Sound. But it was also mentioned there that when you knowing its structure it is possible to get a great benefit, the unlimited power and manage the invisible phenomena inaccessible to the human eye.


In order to understand the essence of the process at the core of underlying phenomena relatively better, we will provide several explanations from the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS. It should be taken into account that these explanations are simplified and adapted for a better understanding of the knowledge by a wide range of interested progressive people. In this regard for a better perception of this knowledge many physical-mathematical and technical details, the results of conducted experiments, scientific definitions understandable only for a close group of specialists in physics were omitted in this report. The same applies to the description of results which were achieved in the spheres of improvement of methodology and tools of research, study of structure and forecasting of characteristics of the microcosm objects, scientific explanations connected with reassessment of some branches of physics, mainly quantum mechanics, quantum statistics and quantum field theory. However, together with the explanations of basic principles and concepts from the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS there are a lot of examples of rough analogies of these concepts and processes used in ancient texts of different cultures and nations of the world. Moreover, here you can find actual calculations,explanatory diagrams, info grafics, tables and formulas, submitted in accessible form intended for mathematical and physical calculations, self-check of data by a wide range of interested people. 

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