The knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS not only helps to understand the world at the very beginning of its manifestation, the principles of its existence, but above all, to realize the relativity and delusiveness of all the processes that happen, temporality and immateriality of existence, the global character and importance of the spiritual world for man. Matter has no internal sense but only external manifestation, that is why people never think about the internal structure of things but take them for “granted”. All that man sees in the surrounding world, starting with his body that like a shell alien to him from his birth and ending with the light of starts which died a long time ago – that is only a result of temporal interaction of phantom Po particles, ghost particles of this world, which appear for a short period of time as a light smoke and disappear immediately. All what oppresses man in this world, starting with compulsive thoughts, aggressive emotions and ending with stereotyped desires of consumer and egoist – all this is a result of man’s choice in favor of septon field – the material smart system which exploits humanity stereotypically. But if man makes a choice in favor of his Spiritual nature then he obtains eternal life. And there is no religion in that, but only the knowledge of physics and its primordial fundamental principles.


Modern people are lacking one thing – holistic worldview, view from the perspective of the Spiritual Observer, Personality, who has a huge spiritual potential – the force of Allat (Soul). The system (septon field) draws man's attention to immediate problems, narrowing his consciousness down to the point of temporal existence. The system divides people, making them suffer and live either in the past or in the future, focus the force of their attention during the day on everything that possible but not on their spiritual component, because there lies the real freedom of man from chains of brainwashing of the material world. The material world is empty in its essence, so whatever success man achieves here – power, possessions, manipulation of the masses or his fellows – as a result all will turn in senseless emptiness, efforts spent in vain in favor of septon field of the Animal nature. In dreams about the future or complaining about the past there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is just day succeeds night and human body gets old in spite of the inner feeling of man who has not even started to live yet.


Septon field just stimulates and provokes but it is people who take actions based on their own choices. In order to change the world for the better we just should start with ourselves, ignoring the system. We should unite with other people on the basis of the primordial Knowledge. We should not play up to the system which complicates everything, but have courage to change the situation radically. One should at least start with not multiplying evil and not strengthening the consumer system, but rather promoting spiritual and moral values by any means day by day. (Note: for more information please refer to the book “AllatRa”, the last 50 pages). Change conditions and everything will change!


The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS gives an understanding of the fundamental principles, thanks to which it is possible to take science to a completely new level and to a great extent to ease the life of human civilization turning it in the direction of moral and spiritual development. Today the world community has faced the situation when everything is brought to the brink. Most people are afraid to change the system not because they do not see its harmfulness but because they do not see another solution, fair world order, the support for their spiritual actions. But the paradox is that their main support lies not in constant excitation of their own septon field (thoughts about endless suffering) but in the force which can control septon field and that force is the Spiritual nature of man. Because every transformation in this world depends on the power of inner potential and its application point!

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