Transmission and distribution of energy and information

How does the transmission and distribution of energy and reading of information in ezoosmic cell occur? Let’s explain this process by the example of withdrawal of a part of inner potential from a head phantom Po particle. Let’s remind that it is located in the head of the coupling of phantom Po particles (figuratively speaking, as a locomotive and wagons), forming an elementary particle (figuratively speaking, a train). Why do we focus so close attention on it? The fact is that a real Po particle reads the information about an entire micro object (about the whole compound of the phantom Po particles which constitute an elementary particle) from the first (head) phantom Po particle. And secondly, if the real Po particle, influencing the process by the force of its own septon field, changes the trajectory of the head phantom Po particle movement by the force of its own septon field, then, respectively, the trajectory of the movement of other phantom Po particles being in this compound changes. Passing through the same ezoosmic cell as their head phantom Po particle, they only lose a part of energy which is withdrawn from them by a real Po Particle due to its own septon field.


How does the energy withdrawal process by a real Po particle occur? As soon as a phantom Po particle, having passed the ezoosmic membrane, has renewed its inner potential and entered a new ezoosmic cell, a process of excitation of the septon field of the real (stationary) Po particle located in this cell occurs. The real Po particle starts to perform functions equivalent, figuratively speaking, to a role of a customs officer, a collector of taxes (energy) and supervisor (reading the information). The nature of the force of the real Po particle’s own septon field is such that a phantom Po particle in its movement within the ezoosmic cell space passes round the real Po particle (and this sets a spiral movement to a phantom Po particle, and along with it to all the objects and phenomena of the material world). (Note: see further in the report the section about the spiral movement). Thus, just when the own septon field of a phantom Po particle enters the own septon field of a real Po particle, an energy withdrawal process (usually 10%) and reading of the information by a real Po particle occur. In turn, the real Po particle transfers the borrowed part of a potential of a phantom Po particle to the system – the unified septon field of the real Po particles (the Animal mind).


By this way the system of real Po particles (the unified septon field) controls everything that occurs in the material world, redistributes, transforms and consumes the energy necessary for maintenance of its existence. Moreover, depending on certain conditions, the system (the unified septon field) through each real Po particle can indirectly or directly influence the processes occurring inside ezoosmic cells, modify, transform the quality of these processes, the course, the direction and so on, to strengthen or weaken the effect of phantom Po particles. It depends on this "correction" by the real Po particle, where exactly, in which further direction and for enhancement of activation of which programs the inner potential of a phantom Po particle will be applied. So, it will affect in general the vital activity of the micro-object consisting of these phantom Po particles.


Thus, with the special "attention of the system" to the process which involves a compound of phantom Po particles (constituting this or that elementary particle) the direction of the movement of this coupling of phantom Po particles and their inner potential can variably change. For example, according to the initial information received during the ezoosmic process, one of the options of movement of a head phantom Po particle presupposed the direction of its movement to the opposite membrane in an ezoosmic cell. But, because of purposeful influence and correction of the information by a real Po particle, the head phantom Po particle changed the direction of its movement and came out, for example, in the nearby membrane of this ezoosmic cell. Let’s remind that initial information which is set in inner potential of a phantom Po particle during the process of ezoosmos, initially has a "limited multivariability" of possible actions in the material world which includes also various allowable options of the influence of the system (the Animal mind) ‒ the septon field which is the basis of all interactions and processes of the material world.


«Contemplating from the position of the Observer from the Animal or Spiritual nature, we already influence the situation and its possible outcome, its pre-resolution in the invisible for us world, for we make a choice. Each situation - is a kind of response not only to your presence in the present moment here and now but also to how exactly you observe yourself in this moment.». 
 From the book "AllatRa"

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