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In the nature there is a continuous process of movement and transformation of matter at different levels of its organization, at different speed, with different phase states, physical and other conditions, etc. Science has proved that if the human eye cannot see these transformations it does not mean that these processes do not exist. However, every change in nature should have a sufficient ground.. The fundamental task of modern physics is to find the first cause which operates according to the unchangeable law and determines all the diversity of consequent causes that change phenomena and course of events. 


Nowadays, as well as in the antiquity age, physics is inextricably connected with philosophy, and in more ancient times it was connected with the spiritual knowledge; more precisely, physics existed as a supplement to it, giving answers to questions relating to life of the macro- and microcosm, invisible to a human being. That was knowledge about the birth, structure and evolution of the Universe, the cycles of its death and rebirth, about the structure of the visible and invisible worlds, about man, his multidimensional structure in the invisible world, about his real abilities and his main strength and the most important part – the spiritual nature. The fundamentals of the primordial physics served as a supplement to man’s understanding of the true spiritual meaning of his transitory existence in this illusory world.


Have you ever thought why spiritual views of the world and the genuine human nature have been removed and replaced with philosophical materialistic views in the modern society? And why is the scientific worldview till now explained in the format of modern philosophical views (materialistic ideas about the general principles and laws of the world structure)? It means that such issues as the birth and evolution of the Universe, the origin of time and space, elementary particles, the microcosm, the origin and evolution of life are studied theoretically, at the level of existing scientific knowledge and hypotheses. The same issues were raised as well in ancient spiritual texts of nations of the world, but as a supplement to the knowledge about man, the meaning of his existence and the significance of his spiritual transformation.

Here we set aside the question of how and who gave this unique knowledge of the invisible micro- and macrocosm to people in high antiquity. It is interesting that man as a biological creature, as a resident of the three-dimensional world, is substantially limited in his perception (and, consequently, cognition) of the surrounding reality. In other words, if somebody does not tell him about some phenomena which exist outside the visible world and does not teach him to use them, then it will be impossible for him to do that himself. An example is the so-called feral people (who grew up isolated from human society, among wild animals), children who for some reason were socially isolated since their early childhood, having no contact with people and no opportunity to acquire knowledge and social experience. Psychologists and sociologists knew about such examples long ago.


What makes up man’s view of the world, of himself, his life? How are his perceptions formed? What information does he take as a basis of his worldview (What does he believe in)? What does he call “reality” and what is the real world? If we consider these questions from the point of view of physics, it is obvious that man possesses a highly limited perception of the surrounding world, of this broad ocean of physical fields, the spectrum of electromagnetic waves of different frequency, all this diversity and variety of life forms and natural phenomena which exist in the material world. As an observer he is locked in the system of the three-dimensional world and can perceive only its small part with the help of his body, namely, his sense organs. But what is the limit of the latter? A simple example – eyes. Man gets the basic information about the surrounding world with the help of vision. The human eye can see the electromagnetic waves which are from 400 to 760 nanometers long. Man see nothing that is outside this spectrum, therefore, in his brain there is no reality that is outside this wavelength range. The same with sound which is perceived by man only within the range of 16 to 20 kHz (for comparison, the hearing ranges of some animals are up to 200 kHz, insects – up to 500 kHz). Our sense organs provide quite poor information about the external world and, as a result, we get a false picture of not just the spatial arrangement of the external reality, but also of the static nature of many visible objects, i.e. there is some kind of illusion in man’s perception. However, in reality there is no material object which could be in a state of absolute rest, because everything is in movement, both in the micro- and macrocosm.


Human body is an entire chemical plant that generates and consumes energy and can exist only under a set of certain conditions, for example, certain gravitational field, atmosphere, water, nutrient elements necessary for the survival of organism, etc. This is a complicated biophysical object able to transform the input information of diverse nature into electrical signals (nerve impulses) which are read and processed by the central nervous system. Biochemical processes in the organism of an average adult involve trillions (!) of tiny living micro-objects, more precisely, living systems – cells that sustain life of this complex system and constantly interact and adapt to the changing conditions. And all these cells consist of elementary particles which exist at the level of quantum physics according to quite different laws (unlike the laws of classical physics), where at the core of everything – energy and information. In other words, the chemistry of the visible world is based on the physics of the invisible world.


On the whole, man’s perception of reality is subjective. Human brain, though it is very complex, has considerably limited abilities and can operate only under certain specific conditions. The information about the surrounding reality is perceived by an individual delayed and spatially distorted. For example, a spatial distortion of perception may be caused by a different speed at which sound (mechanical) and light (electromagnetic) waves pass through different media and materials, as well as by wave dispersion, reflection and interference. It means that man gets not the entire, but disjointed, fragmentary information. The models of perception of the surrounding reality are rather subjective. Man perceives the surrounding reality with the help of consciousness, acquired associations related to the three-dimensional world. In other words, he “measures” all processes and phenomena by three-dimensionality and searches alike.. Therefore, consciousness tuned to stereotyped perception of the world in everyday life loses sight of many things due to the lack of understanding of unknown processes and phenomena. The stereotyped perception of man of the consumer society with materialistic way of thinking may be expressed in the words of biblical character - doubting Thomas: “I will not believe it until I see it with my own eyes.” However, the representative of the spiritual community (Jesus) gave a prominent answer: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed!” From the perspective of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS the last expression is more than fair; it concerns not only people’s spiritual life but also global processes which happen in the microcosm at the level of the ezoosmic grid. (Note: for more information please refer to the section “Ezoosmic grid”).


If we look at this question from the perspective of quantum physics, man lives in the system of illusions. And if we look at this question from the perspective of spiritual knowledge, then all that prevents man from understanding and realizing the illusory nature of this world is just such a negative quality of his consciousness as pride, which is a carrot and a stick of the material mind system making man not only a slave of his desires but turning him into “a milch cow” for the system, a deadman while alive. It is no coincidence that ancient wise people, while transferring the knowledge of previous generations, paid attention to the fact that everything perceived by man in the visible world is in fact unreal, and that he has an opportunity to develop another kind of perception which is qualitatively different from the false illusionary perception of reality imposed by the material system.


As a consequence of all these and other similar reasons, it is impossible to talk accurately about complex processes of functioning of the material world of the Universe, which are beyond the limited perception of man as a resident of the three-dimensional world. However, the knowledge of them adapted for human perception have existed since ancient times. According to the ancient treatise this knowledge was treated as sacred, it was carefully passed down from generation to generation. It is obvious that it was meant to help people to understand much more about themselves, their true nature, their spiritual meaning of life, while learning the world, and be able to use this additional knowledge of the invisible processes of the material world for spiritual transformation only.


Much of ancient knowledge was passed down from generation to generation in the form of  associations, which could be understood by most people of certain time living in certain regions of the world. And it is not a surprise. Today in quantum physics scientists successfully use the method of analogy, thanks to which they create abstract theories and various models intended to explain the processes of the invisible world which cannot be perceived by the human eye, with the help of associative comparisons and in the form understandable to people. Moreover, the broader is the set of associations which scientists themselves have, the more understandable are the theories which are being explained for people of modern civilization.


In ancient times the knowledge was passed down with the help of analogies which were understandable and clear to people of that times. For example, one could explain the know ledge of the Universe and the invisible world to people living at the seaside with the help of analogies of processes which were well-known to local population, such as phenomena happening in the ocean, figurative examples connected with water and habits of underwater inhabitants. Those who lived in prairie and forest regions better understood associations connected with agriculture, development and growth of plants, trees, characteristics and habits of animals. However, for most people the most understandable associations were examples from everyday life, connected with the life of community, people’s relations. When you possess the primordial knowledge, all these parallels are easy to trace while analyzing the cultures of different nations.


Judging by the extant data, we can single out two main reasons why the knowledge of the macro and microcosm were given as a supplementary one to the spiritual knowledge in ancient times. The first reason: in order for man to realize the main meaning of his short-time life, which is the spiritual transformation. The second reason: in order for man to make his conscious mature choice between the dominance of either material or spiritual values in his life (in the sense of the dominating personal worldview and the main goal of life). And in order for man to make his choice adequately, he should be aware of risks, specifics and stereotyped actions of the invisible world of the material “intelligent system”, in which he as Personality and his body temporarily exist. (Note: for more information please refer to the book ”AllatRa”).


Later, unfortunately, because of the lack of understanding of ancient knowledge and the loss of the main keys to such knowledge decoding with time, the knowledge of the processes of the macro- and microcosm was interpreted in another way, in the literal sense of the described examples, i.e. using primitive thinking. Today, thanks to modern scientists who study this issue impartially, a rich cultural material from all over the world has been collected. It testifies the fact that the sacred knowledge, one and the same in its essence, was known to people on different continents in different times. Therefore, today, taking into account the rich cultural, spiritual heritage of human civilization and having its keys – the fundamentals of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS - mankind has a chance not only to understand its primordial past but to change its future.


It is worth mentioning that, if a person with an inquisitive mind and free thinking that is not blinkered with stereotypes of “framework authorities” widely recognized by the consumer society starts exploring himself and examining everything thoroughly from the perspective of the primordial physics knowledge and the common spiritual and cultural heritage of human civilization, he will begin to understand and learn himself better spiritually. Moreover, he will start to see the true reasons of today’s global spiritual-moral crisis, the reasons of creating artificial conditions which lead to destabilization of the state of man and modern society. But the main thing is that in the process of such a profound learning man will be able to realize not only how to change the situation radically, but also how to reach a totally new evolutionary stage of development of both the Personality and the society as a whole. And it applies both to the development of civilization in a primordially spiritual way and to breakthroughs in science and incredible results of technical progress. As they say, everything new is well-forgotten old.

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