Intensive development of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS began in 1996 when the fundamentals of this knowledge were introduced to a group of scientists. Already the first familiarization with the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS gave an understanding of the paramount importance of this knowledge for humanity, but at the same time, it is extremely dangerous in the conditions of development of a consumer society. It is no secret that any significant advanced scientific development and achievements, innovative technologies of civilization, are used, first of all, to create a new type of weapon, to improve methods of manipulation and control of the consciousness of masses.

It was extremely untimely to distribute this information openly in the system of consumer society, considering the situation at that time. Indeed, in the conditions of spiritual and moral crisis, massive lack of awareness of these issues in the society, the increasing usurpation of power by the world`s elite, including the field of controlling the development of science, this important knowledge for humanity might be turned into the instrument of power formation.


Therefore, for a long time, this information was not made public, but scientific work, various research works on the basis of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS did not stop.

 However, with time, it became clear, considering the new fundamental knowledge and the opening possibilities, that it is necessary to create such conditions which do not depend on the world`s political and priestly ambitions, which would facilitate free studying of science and attract a greater number of progressive world scientists to fundamental development, who specialize not only in the field of physics, but also in the adjacent scientific directions.

Thanks to the series of books by Anastasia Novykh which cover spiritual and moral aspects of revival of creative society, independent ways of human spiritual development of man on the basis of the primordial knowledge, a wide circle of people has got access to some basic concepts of new physics. The foundation of the knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS was laid by Anastasia Novykh in the books "AllatRa" and "Ezoosmos" (all books were laid out by the author in a free access on the Internet). Many basic understandings of difficult physical processes in these books were given in the allegorical form convenient for understanding by a wide range of people.

In fact, this fundamental knowledge which deals with different areas not only in physics, but also in other scientific disciplines, became available to progressive world community, which shows interest in spiritual and moral bases of humanity, self-knowledge, selfdevelopment, broadening of the outlook of knowledge in different fields of science. The knowledge given in Anastasia Novykh's books attracted the attention of the active part of intellectual community. They drew attention of many smart people who are living by their Conscience and are interested in promoting development of the society exclusively in a spiritual and moral way. Moreover, as experience shows, these books began to facilitate wide-ranging changes in society's way of thinking: from a consumer format into a spiritual, moral and creative vector.

As a result, the knowledge that has been given in the books, united a great number of decent, clever, talented, conscientious people from different countries of the world on a spiritual and moral basis. All this turned into a mass popular movement at the international level ‒ ALLATRA International Public Movement (www.allatra. org). This greatly increased the opportunities to warn the international community about impending threats and risk and allowed to attract decent, talented scientists to the development of new perspective directions in science on the basis of the

PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS. These are people of Honour and Conscience, who came to science not for the sake of money and glory, but for the sake of developing science for the benefit of society, for the sake of the higher humanitarian purposes. It is that spiritual and intellectual foundation of independent world science, which allows under present conditions to operatively solve many global problems, challenges, threats and risks of the present time, including those which concern the entire planet.


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